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the attribute of being so near as to be touching

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Whitehall responded with a motion to dismiss all of Lincoln's claims except for the contiguity claim.
The resolution stated: 'This convention of Muslim Conference has reached the conclusion that geographical conditions, 80 per cent Muslim population, important rivers of Punjab passing through the state, language, cultural, ethnic and economic relations and contiguity of the state with Pakistan make it imperative to merge with Pakistan'.
The seven components constitute a series of actions that allow, first and foremost, the creation of territorial contiguity to protect and strengthen the security of the State of Israel, while preventing the loss of the Negev, which constitutes a strategic point, both security and Zionist, for the State of Israel.
The Global Moran's I value, based on SWM with order of contiguity one and two, were 5.5041 and 3.9765, respectively; both were statistically highly significant at the p-value of <0.0001.
San Akca's primary hypotheses of ideational contiguity and a history of conflict against the target state are intuitive and well-established elements that stem from the "enemy of my enemy" theory.
During the visit the IGP visited Arbab Tapo police check post and Zingli police post which owing to its contiguity to the tribal belt have remained vulnerable and witnessed heavy attacks from militants operating from the tribal belt.
The spokesperson of the European Union on Wednesday has denounced Israel approving construction permits for 181 housing units in the illegal settlement of Gilo, saying that this contributes to closing the southern settlement ring around East Jerusalem, thereby compromising contiguity between East Jerusalem and the West Bank, which is crucial for the viability of the two-state solution.
Lee's first solo museum exhibition in the United States surveys a decade of the artist's understated investigations of the expanding contiguity between art and everyday life.
The new settlements would cut off the northern part of the West Bank from its southern half, making it very difficult for a prospective Palestinian state to have territorial contiguity, the newspaper stated .
During his visit the IGP KP visited the areas of P.S Mattani, Saraband and Badhaber which owing to their contiguity to the tribal belt have remained vulnerable and witnessed heavy attacks from militants operating from the tribal belt.
The key issues in the consultation paper are contiguity of spectrum, block size and valuation of reserve price of spectrum in 900 and 1,800 MHz bands.
It is the one GCC member state that is connected by land to every other member and is therefore the guarantor of the Gulf's territorial contiguity. Any threat to the kingdom is guaranteed to have enormous repercussions on neighbouring states, whether in the financial, social or security fields.
The Jewish state must be forced, by whatever means necessary, to recognise an armed Palestine with externally enforced autonomy, eviction of all settlers, true contiguity encompassing Gaza, the West Bank and Jerusalem together, neither pinched nor parcelled, and pay punitive reparations.
The book then returns to foundations with chapters on contiguity and L2 differentiability.
The core concept in the theory of 'associative learning' is reputed to be the contiguity of different elements which leads to their association.