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the attribute of being so near as to be touching

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Inasmuch as Roth's own twenty-first-century reordering of his works as Zuckerman Books, Roth Books, Kepesh Books, Other Books, Miscellany, and Nemeses allows us to understand his entire oeuvre as forming a set of contiguities, I think the concept itself, which Miron really leaves for us to refine and extend, has particular heuristic value for teaching and reading Roth.
BEBBEEBE, one will find two contiguities (events EB, are in italics).
Although Dale (1984) provides a table of critical values for c (the number of contiguities in hypothesis 2), we used the permutation test previously described to assess the probability that the observed c differs from random expectation.
They demonstrate that it is possible to attain a fair degree of control over the numbers of obtained response-reinforcer contiguities on a temporally based schedule that delivers periodic food reinforcement.
Any future studies that address this issue must deal with the relative effects of accidental and programmed contiguities without contaminating the single response contingency on the schedule.
Vast, disorderly, and somewhat diffuse, this complex was characterized by dualities, parallelisms, occasional intersections, marginal overlapping, hybrids, similarities within dissimilarities, mobility, changeability, occasional emergence of patterns and their eventual disappearance, randomness, and, when approximating a semblance of significant order, contiguities.
if a painting once was shocking, then a valuable perspective on it is provided by a commentary re-creating the shock that its once-original contiguities have lost in repetition.
programmed response-reinforcer contiguities), and the third figure records the number of accidental response- reinforcer contiguities (i.