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the attribute of being so near as to be touching

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When response-reinforcer contiguities were first introduced, an unexpected behavior developed for some of the rats.
The number of 1-s delays ranged between 8 and 47, the number of programmed contiguities ranged between 1 and 17, and the number of accidental contiguities ranged between 0 and 17.
Several aspects of her thesis resonate with my own experience of conversion in one of the Orang Ulu communities; the continuities and contiguities are certainly more apparent than rupture and disjunction and again, there is a very real difference between those who have converted to Roman Catholicism and those who have converted to SIB.
Cartograms are classified on the basis of two characteristics: the shapes and contiguities of regions indicated on the cartograms.
Conservation and contextualism followed, concerned to reinstate the temporal, formal and experiential contiguities of the city, not only as mere nostalgia but as a loosening of the blinkers of modernity.
Of all the problems generated by the supershow scale, the curatorial ambition as such is less pertinent than the almost inevitable urge to create effects of evidence through the matic clustering: Archive, city, model, border, textuality, encyclopedism, violence, postcolonialism, carnival, labyrinth, and so many other classificatory aids tend to support a narrative of contiguities and seamlessness rather than one of disruptions and constructions (in Ranciere's sense of the political).