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Synonyms for context

Synonyms for context

discourse that surrounds a language unit and helps to determine its interpretation

the set of facts or circumstances that surround a situation or event

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The dialogue explains how contexts shape experiences; how different roles in an organization, as well as that of the customer, have different contexts and create challenges; how each part of a system has a unique contribution; and how to put whole systems in context and become aware of contexts.
The Gale In Context product suite includes Science In Context, Student Resources In Context, and Research In Context which spotlight online content on eclipses, including articles, images, audio, videos on how to safely view a total solar eclipse, and links to NASA's eclipse live-stream.
Rosas, Callejas-Aguilera, Ramos-Alvarez, and Abad (2006; see also Rosas & Callejas-Aguilera, 2006, 2007) tried to integrate within the same explanation context-dependence of extinction and ambiguous information, and context dependence of unambiguous information.
Context-awareness is promising in allowing services personalization through considering in real-time the context of the user and his environment (devices and network) as well as the context of the service itself [2].
A key question that flies over context studies is the mechanisms through which contexts exert their control of behavior.
According to Dey's definition (Dey, 2000), a system is context-aware if it uses context to provide relevant information and/or services to the user, where relevancy depends on the user's task.
Context dependent memory predicts better performance of a learned behavior when contextual cues remain consistent from practice to test, compared to that when the cues are changed.
6) in respect of Functional Grammar (FG), from which it derives, FDG needs to take seriously the situated nature of language-based communication and hence to provide for an account of the interplay between language and context.
This apparently clear-cut criterion for differentiating the realm of the pornographic from the erotic breaks down if one intimately knows the text and its context.
Historical context and analysis are provided by essays by Chris Bruce (Director of the Museum of Art, Washington State University, Pullman), Nella Van Dyke (Associate Professor of Socilogy, Washington State University, Pullham), and Keith Wells (Curator of Exhibitions and Collections,l Museum of Art, Washington State University, Pullham).
No discipline could possibly countenance any authority other than that internal to the inquiry itself, and since religion in his cultural context was conceived primarily in terms of authority, religion had to be alien to the university.
Despite these insurance coverage questions and disputes, there are only a few coverage decisions in the welding fume context.
Cultural diversity is a significant feature of the social context in which career development and work behavior occur (Sue, Parham, & Santiago, 1998).
Layers are an organizing device, supplying content or context that helps us communicate our message.
I hope that through this issue of Library Trends we may start to see how each solution has its own benefit in a particular context.