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Synonyms for conterminous

sharing a common boundary

Synonyms for conterminous

connecting without a break


Related Words

having a common boundary or edge

being of equal extent or scope or duration

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CropScape: A Web service based application for exploring and disseminating US conterminous geospatial cropland data products for decision support.
Basivi, 2013: Echo climatology, impact of cities, and initial convection studies: New horizons opened using 17 years of conterminous U.
6 million people live within 1,600 m of a confirmed active oil or gas well in the conterminous United States.
But there are only 70 radiosonde sites in the conterminous United States, which means each launch is assumed to represent conditions for half of a state.
5 or above and the conterminous USA with magnitude of 4 or above are analyzed here.
Completion of the 2011 National Land Cover Database for the conterminous United States-Representing a decade of land cover change information.
What is more important is that, in Othello, all the social alterities that invade the political body--whether directly or metaphorically--are temporarily allowed for medicinal purposes; among them, the single most salient function of the tragedy is to immunize the political body There is one very peculiar feature of Othello: the process of social immunization in the play is conterminous with the creation of the supra-juridical authority that suspends constitutional rights.
Final rule to remove the American Peregrine Falcon from the Federal List of Endangered and Threatened Wildlife, and to remove the similarity of appearance provision for free-flying peregrines in the conterminous United States.
Wetlands Status and Trends in the Conterminous United States MID-1970's to MID-1980's.
The Eastern Fleet Command based in Surabaya is conterminous with four of the army's area commands (Kodams V and VII through IX) and the Indonesian Air Force's Operation Command II.
A similar diurnal cycle has also been revealed in the conterminous USA (Matsui et al.
amp; Haddad, 2006) and is more numerous than the same species in other regions, including the conterminous state of Sao Paulo (Morandini, pers.
From the 1600s to mid-1980s, systematic wetland conversion in the conterminous United States resulted in the loss of approximately 53% of total U.
Reference station networks for monitoring climatic change in the conterminous United States.
By this Giddens means that space and time could be distant and yet conterminous for actors even without face-to-face interactions in our ultra-modern societies.