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Synonyms for contented

Synonyms for contented

satisfied or showing satisfaction with things as they are


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Another boy, Abdul-Latif, contentedly doodles a technicolor rabbit.
After England reached stumps at 116-1, with a lead of 296, Swann was able to reflect contentedly on a job well done.
The tractor returns to the barn to rest happily for the night while the birds snooze contentedly in the nearby trees.
And the highlight was seeing the man himself sitting contentedly on a sofa, snoozing away as the rain hammered down outside.
A Woodland walk on the edge of Spring Mist has dissolved from the verdant vale, Disappeared like a ghost on this sedate Sunday And the mossy mystical March trees Are a glorious sight and their branches Are curvy as the clouds or hills all around Twirling up into an azure ether As we stroll contentedly together In this unspoiled wonderland Far from frenetic city streets.
But, here are some horses grazing contentedly, On the meadows not far from the sea.
9 per cent of the owners were contentedly satisfied with their capital investment," Dr Jaffari said.
One-of-a-kind Kenda and her spirit will quietly keep forever, over there in the back, sleeping cozily and contentedly in a favored corner of the city's history.
Venturing out, she wanders through landscapes of singularly arresting beauty, her path often crossing with that of the hotel's fiftyish caretaker as he rakes, cuts grass or simply puffs contentedly on a joint.
He enjoys toddling around in a special baby-walker and babbles contentedly to himself.
Organic farmers, anti-consumerist social movements, and eco-villages promote the principle of living contentedly with less.
He stopped to watch one of the zoo's many primates, a gibbon hanging contentedly by one arm, and eating tree leaves using his leg: "It just looked off into space and stayed there, looking like it had not a care in the world.
As he rummaged in his toy box, he repeated contentedly to himself: "It's f***ing annoying.
The artist points out some of the details: the papa mouse trundling a wheelbarrow full of popcorn toward his family and home in the woodbox (in the lower left corner); the rabbit sitting contentedly in the lap of a little boy (in the lower right corner); and a couple sitting on a wagon in the doorway (middle, far right).
It then sat on the top of the upright piano and swam around in the sunshine most contentedly, as far as I could tell.