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Synonyms for contented

Synonyms for contented

satisfied or showing satisfaction with things as they are


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One may see the fisher-loafers just as thick and contented and happy and patient all along the Seine at Paris, but tradition says that the only thing ever caught there in modern times is a thing they don't fish for at all--the recent dog and the translated cat.
If she warn't standing right there, just inside the door, looking as sweet and contented as an angel half full of pie, I wish I may never!
Sid chuckled in a very contented and satisfied way.
It is partly in consequence of such facts, that slaves, when inquired of as to their condition and the character of their masters, almost universally say they are contented, and that their masters are kind.
It was her own universal goodwill and contented temper which worked such wonders.
See him contented, however, thou stubborn varlet,'' said the Disinherited Knight.
Not even all that I had gone through could make me contented with a quiet life.