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a word to which an independent meaning can be assigned

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From the discussion above, we can conclude that a basic contour system for teaching the basic features of English suprasegmentals to Spanish speakers should clearly indicate: (a) the association of the highest tonal peak with the nucleus, (b) the association of the nucleus with a content word in unmarked declarative sentences, (c) significant length differences between stressed and unstressed syllables and words, and (d) the possibility of shifting the nucleus over other words in the utterance for sentence focusing.
When the focus changed to content words (see Fries, 1952 for his definition of the alternative set of function words) it was the first content word after a pause that was considered hesitant and all other words were considered fluent (following Goldman-Eisler, 1958a).
TF is calculated as the relative frequency of a content word feature regarding all content word features in a specific context vector.
Likewise, it seems appropriate to replicate the experiment again by disregarding the content words from the analysis.
The problem which immediately arises here is whether the OE under was originally a content word (in a structuralist sense), to become a functional, grammatical element.
Even if one assumes that in principle every content word and syntactic structure can be contextually reanalyzed as a preposition and that the necessary conditions are met, contextual reanalysis is not an automatic consequence.
In neutral declarative utterances in English, the nucleus occurs in the last content word, which could be the last word in the unit:
This wide range of rhetorical expressions also affects content words.
Children in Scottish Primary 1 and Primary 2 classes were asked: (1) to give the sounds of the letters of the alphabet; (2) to read lists of high frequency content words and functors; and (3) to decode simple CVC non-words.
A content word w' in S does not have to have high predictability and a large amount of information simultaneously.
It all starts when a content word is employed for achieving a special effect in certain contexts, usually because a standardly available form is felt to lack in expressiveness.
attachment of a grammaticalized item to a content word, and its fusion with the modified stem, ultimately resulting in the transformation of the original free word into an affix and, at the most advanced stage, an inflectional marker.
We defined relevant words as "names, content words, and words providing the meaning or context of a content word" (Haynes et al.
Students should now learn not only to understand and interpret language, but to analyze it--using higher-level thinking skills to discuss and debate meaning rather than focusing simply on the ability to translate content word for word.
as * as the, and another where at least one fixed element may be a content word, e.
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