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Synonyms for contend

Synonyms for contend

to strive in opposition

to strive against (others) for victory

to put forth reasons for or against something, often excitedly

to put into words positively and with conviction

Synonyms for contend

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'Plaintiff would further contend that all depositors into the named accounts would be bringing legal suits against it should they realise that they have been duped by the company and its attendant damages,' the writ stated.
Contend denounced Duterte's bloody and war on drugs, the only promise that he 'took seriously' in his first year in office.
A core area of focus for Mosaic and Contend will be building out "Contender," a proprietary content intelligence tool that maps and understands audiences and the stories that inspire and engage them.
An unnamed lead paint industry spokesperson contends that companies were unaware of the potential hazards when the paint was applied.
(20) Project Exile officials contend that neighborhood demographics have little effect because approximately 95 percent of Project Exile defendants plead guilty and do not face a jury.
Law Bulletin Publishing contends that reductions in renewal income and new orders cost the company hundreds of thousands of dollars.
The story contends that Windows XP will favor Microsoft's proprietaiy Windows Media Format (WMF) over competing formats, and that MP3 files on an XP system will have degraded audio quality and inflated file sizes in comparison to the same files stored in WMF.
While experts contend facilities have done a commendable job cutting back on the use of these restraints, a byproduct of this initiative has been an increase in the number of nonserious falls.
These dynamics, the authors contend, offer a way to map the "unique value-creating characteristics" of a company's assets, which they break into five distinct segments: physical, financial, organization, customers, and employees and suppliers.
He asserts that "there are no artificial barriers left to women's achievement," and that racism and sexism today "are mere wisps of their former selves, except when it comes to white, heterosexual males," Indeed, in his view, "it would be difficult to contend that, the end of racial segregation aside, American culture today is as healthy as the culture of the 1950s" The 1950s?
Rivera of the University of California, Los Angeles favor a third explanation: A mutually beneficial microbial relationship culminated in the engulfment of one simple organism by another, they contend in the Sept.
The real problem, many observers contend, is in "peering points" the places where the backbones connect to one another.
By the mid-eighties, Austrians complained about what they regarded as a changed moral environment in which an ever more independent lower-strata youth were infected by a spreading waywardness.(19) Drescher viewed as a "very meaningful evil" that wayward youth were the freest people in the state.(20) This perception led him to contend that "we find ourselves perhaps already in the beginning of a social revolution of the entire human society."(21) Many officials took part in what became a campaign to label working-class youths' behavior as deviant so that appropriate controls could be set up.
where half-truths or partial wisdoms converse, contend, interlock" (260) in the work of authors ranging from Edouard Glissant to Jay Wright to Charles Olson.
Promoters of charitable split-dollar insurance transactions contend that a taxpayer participating in such a transaction is entitled to a charitable contribution deduction under Sec.