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The Frenchman had listened to me contemptuously, with a slight protruding of his eyes; but, he could not have understood very much of my harangue.
I am not afraid of that,' replied Nicholas, shrugging his shoulders contemptuously, and turning away.
I leave such society, with my pa, for Hever,' said Miss Squeers, looking contemptuously and loftily round.
I was thankful when the morning light appeared, and when I judged by the silence that the serpents had retreated to their dens I came tremblingly out of my cave and wandered up and down the valley once more, kicking the diamonds contemptuously out of my path, for I felt that they were indeed vain things to a man in my situation.
he yelled contemptuously to the spluttering wretch.
That's cool and everything," one of Pratt's followers tweeted back contemptuously, "but Doctors and nurses save lives not prayer.
Apart from issues pertaining to violation of contract by employers, there are problems relating to hassle free issuance of passports and identity cards but embassies treat overseas Pakistanis in these countries, who are mostly working class, contemptuously.
On Thursday, February 22, 2018, Parliament contemptuously and deliberately contravened Article 250-6(a) of the Constitution, as read together with Article 101-1 by approving two of its members to serve as commissioners of the PSC beyond the one term of five years allowed under the Constitution,' the petition reads.
Buhari has however remained adamant and has contemptuously ignored the court judgement.
We may even file an administrative case, or as the 'Bigger House,' the 'Echo Chamber,' contemptuously proclaims, file disbarment cases against offending justices.
Hillary Clinton contemptuously calls millions of workers who refuse to vote for her deplorable, even irredeemable.
Patrick Vieira's side are pretty on the eye but they were contemptuously brushed aside 3-1 when visiting New England a fortnight ago and that's a real concern for City supporters.
Labour MPs in particular, who contemptuously dismiss grassroots unrest, do so at their own peril.
I am not putting drug-taking on the same level as the professional fouls now sadly only too common on the field, but the fact remains that the rules of the game are being deliberately and contemptuously broken.
That deal shows how contemptuously we will be treated if we remain" London Mayor Boris Johnson, campaigning for Brexit "One of the reasons why a pretty dreadful Conservative Government is getting away with things at the moment is because they have the most shambolic and ineffective official opposition in living memory under Jeremy Corbyn" Liberal Democrat leader Tim Farron "If it means we can go back to using decent light bulbs - 60-watt, peach-coloured, both bayonet and screw-in - I am joining Brexit for sure" Actress Elizabeth Hurley