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Synonyms for contemptible

Synonyms for contemptible

Antonyms for contemptible

deserving of contempt or scorn

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Today is Aung San Suu Kyi's birthday and it is a tragedy that she will spend it in prison as the Burmese regime pursues its absurd and contemptible sham trial of her," Brown said at a post-summit press conference.
The early announcers of the second type have more realistic chances at winning their party's nominations (and yes, their politics are generally contemptible too).
Being called contemptible by Tom DeLay is like being called a thug by Tony Soprano.
The attempt by Michael Howard, pictured, to make race the issue is contemptible.
The remark's casual brutality ratties Timm, who never considers the entry's ambigulty--Did Karl-Heinz shoot the Russian soldier, or is he simply regarding him as a contemptible enemy?
But "sensible doctors" like Campbell and Thornton are not legitimately members of the Hippocratic fraternity; they are of a piece with King Herod and Nazi "doctor" Josef Mengele, the latter of whom was, among many other contemptible things, an abortionist.
Gays have been accused of "choosing a contemptible lifestyle," while in reality the "choosers" are those individuals who have, as evidenced by their Bible, selected a bigoted, homophobic, pro-slavery religion as being compatible with their belief systems.
A male supervisor sexually harassing male employees engages in contemptible conduct," Edmondson said.
Nowadays, despite controversy over some of the items, whites as well as African Americans are collecting black memorabilia, citing a need to preserve even the most contemptible examples .
Conservatives found themselves in a rhetorical bind, because while they felt it was beneath their dignity to respond to radical critics of the social and political hierarchy, they risked leaving the field to their contemptible opponents if they refused to stoop down to refute them.
We have a right to expect the role models of our children to exemplify kindness and not tolerate contemptible behavior toward others.
The animals (with apologies to the innocent species) who perpetrated that crime were apprehended and are, at this writing, on trial, as are the contemptible killers of Matthew Shepard.
I have always found his childish presentation contemptible but he has stooped to new depths.
The inescapable impact of being born in a condition of poverty that this society finds shameful, contemptible, and somehow deserved has had dominion over me to such an extent that I have spent my life trying to overcome or deny it," she writes.