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Synonyms for contemporaneousness

the quality of being current or of the present

the quality of belonging to the same period of time

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In the above passage Gadamer indicates that the endurance of the work of art implies its absolute contemporaneousness within every aesthetic experience, since the artwork as well as the viewer is always contemporary towards one another.
In the competition context, the contemporaneousness requirement could increase the likelihood that state legislatures or regulatory bodies consult with economic or technological experts when framing statutes or regulations that impair competition.
The Futurists, who emphasized the contemporaneousness of words (expressed in the practice of parole in liberta) and the most provisional aspects of reality, were, Ungaretti would observe, "dimentichi che ogni atto profondamente umano (e quindi la poesia) emana dall'illusione di vincere la morte" (Vita d'un uomo: saggi e interventi 173).
Despite their contemporaneousness with the momentous, and sometimes maddeningly familiar, events of recent years--the Arab Spring, the escalating civil war in Syria, Citizens United, the shooting death of Trayvon Martin and subsequent acquittal of George Zimmerman, and climatological disasters around the globe, to name only a few--the most recent artworks in the exhibition were surprisingly wan, lifeless affairs.
Agamben's definition of the contemporary, or what he calls contemporaneousness, is a good one because to be contemporary means you have some distance from the present.
A more noteworthy finding is the approximate contemporaneousness of the burials inside and outside of cists.
This explains the curious contemporaneousness of inventions and discoveries.
The principle of contemporaneousness destroys the uniqueness of place and the uniqueness of contemporary time.
The contemporaneousness of the past with the present and indeed with the future is felt in this mode of reflection on history, and it is from this that its meaning emerges in a prophetic light.
The contemporaneousness component of this standard would ensure that the President explored any animosity on the part of Congress that might have infected the statute and that the justifications proffered for the provision were consistent with changing notions of equality.
It is not the child "before" the adult, or the mother "before" the child: it is the strict contemporaneousness of the adult, of the adult and the child, their map of comparative densities and intensities, and all of the variations on that map.
With Table Centerpiece, one could argue some form of relation to post-modern ornamental contemporaneousness but unlike the other artefacts comprising this exhibition, its historical roots are simply too strong to make the conceptual leap.
What is more noteworthy is that very few refectory monasteries included spaces that may be identified as kitchens (Figure 8), yet their contemporaneousness with the complexes is questionable (Rodley, 1985, 249; Kalas, 2000, 41; 2009d, 114-5) (14).
They present 11 chapters exploring existentialist themes in films that have been chosen for their relative contemporaneousness and international provenance.