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  • verb

Synonyms for contemplate


think about


Synonyms for contemplate

to direct the eyes on an object

to have in mind as a goal or purpose

Synonyms for contemplate

References in classic literature ?
That," says my Lady, "you needn't contemplate at all.
I have a duty to discharge; and, either here, or in the room from which we have just now come, at whatever risk or hazard to Mr Bray, I must beseech you to contemplate again the fearful course to which you have been impelled.
Molly was charmed with the first opportunity she ever had of showing her beauty to advantage; for though she could very well bear to contemplate herself in the glass, even when dressed in rags; and though she had in that dress conquered the heart of Jones, and perhaps of some others; yet she thought the addition of finery would much improve her charms, and extend her conquests.
If I were alone, would he not at times force his abhorred presence on me to remind me of my task or to contemplate its progress?
To any one who merely contemplates a map of the country this difficulty of getting from Godin to Malade River will appear inexplicable, as the intervening mountains terminate in the great Snake River plain, so that, apparently, it would be perfectly easy to proceed round their bases.
We can only guess why the great design was abandoned; perhaps because Plato became sensible of some incongruity in a fictitious history, or because he had lost his interest in it, or because advancing years forbade the completion of it; and we may please ourselves with the fancy that had this imaginary narrative ever been finished, we should have found Plato himself sympathizing with the struggle for Hellenic independence, singing a hymn of triumph over Marathon and Salamis, perhaps making the reflection of Herodotus where he contemplates the growth of the Athenian empire--"How brave a thing is freedom of speech, which has made the Athenians so far exceed every other state of Hellas in greatness
And at the end of the story, when the unlikely survivors hear the voice of the sea from the safety of shore, they feel "that they could then be interpreters," free to contemplate and make sense of their experiences together or on their own.
It should also be noted that OSHA contemplates that the regulations will apply to all renovations and remodeling activities, which are defined to include "removal or replacement of walls, ceilings, floors, carpet and components such as moldings, cabinets, doors and windows; painting, decorating, demolition, surface refinishing and removal or cleaning of ventilation ducts.
The new proposal (the New Soros Group proposal) by this consortium contemplates the formation of a new company, referred to herein as the "Soros Group," to effectuate the transactions contained in the New Soros Group proposal.
In addition, the Merger Agreement contemplates that, pursuant to the Merger, Hadson's 8 percent Junior Cumulative Convertible Preferred Stock ("8 percent Junior Preferred Stock") will be converted into shares of Hadson Common Stock (at a rate of 22.