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  • verb

Synonyms for contemplate


think about


Synonyms for contemplate

to direct the eyes on an object

to have in mind as a goal or purpose

Synonyms for contemplate

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Nor does Ando attempt to fit into the surroundings; he provides stairs and a platform, a silent place from which to contemplate and understand the landscape.
One of the joys of being a physicist is that one can turn one's head from the evil to contemplate a pattern that seems at first terribly abstract, but in the end may be more real than predation or cancer or nuclear war.
It would be crazy to even contemplate that because it would be the biggest headache you could ever have, paying a parent.
Administrators who watch trends to consider future profiles can contemplate how best to integrate testing and recruitment that will attract candidates most likely to fulfill the skill set needed.
Today he repeatedly protested his innocence and claimed the stress of the trial had driven him to contemplate suicide twice.
In addition, does Treasury contemplate issuing rules in respect of nonqualified deferred compensation plans similar to the May 2002 regulations issued under section 457, which would liberalize the rules relating to monthly deferral elections, redeferral elections, and distribution/method of payment elections?
As companies contemplate the new realities of their commercial real estate needs in the aftermath of the World Trade Center attack and in the midst of continuing economic uncertainty, the advantages of select Northern New Jersey properties have gained increased attention.
The liturgical season of Lent offers us an opportunity to reflect on the cycle of life that includes death and to contemplate the reality of suffering in our lives and in our world.
When we contemplate the changes that cardiology and the rest of health care are facing, we know that none of these changes will ever be "just technical." They will all be deeply human, and each one will be very difficult for some people.
It stressed "That His Majesty's Government did not contemplate either the creation of a wholly Jewish Palestine or the disappearance or subordination of the Arab population, language or culture in Palestine."
It is beguiling to contemplate the downtrend in inflation in recent years in the context of very large budget deficits and to conclude that the concerns about their adverse effects on the economy have been misplaced.
TONY Pulis is refusing to even contemplate Albion's potential FA Cup cracker against Villa until the match ticks around.
BARCELONA coach Luis Enrique says the thought of having a team without Lionel Messi is "not even something we contemplate".
NEWCASTLE manager Glenn Roeder is refusing to contemplate relegation as he attempts to engineer a second major turn-around at St James' Park.
This language seems to contemplate a situation in which a shareholder gains shares in the successor in exchange for his S shares as part of a merger.