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Synonyms for contaminated

Synonyms for contaminated

corrupted by contact or association

rendered unwholesome by contaminants and pollution


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The study found children exposed to melamine-contaminated formula were 7 times as likely to have kidney stones as those not exposed to contaminated formula.
The water agency plans to use Saugus wells 1 and 2 -- at Magic Mountain Parkway near a fork of the Santa Clara River and at San Fernando Road and Magic Mountain -- to pump contaminated water from the Saugus Aquifer 800 feet down.
Sellers want to be free of environmental liability after the sale, while buyers are reluctant to assume liability for a potentially contaminated site.
New regulations will require companies and generators to safely dispose of equipment in service or in storage that is contaminated with PCBs over 500 parts per million by December 31, 2009, McCormack says.
We found that a significant percentage of cell phones and hands were contaminated with MDR Acinetobacter spp.
Thousands of government and industrial sites across the country are contaminated with a host of troublesome substances.
Belarus has been divided into four zones: dead, highly contaminated, contaminated and clean (which includes Minsk).
A new kind of fish tale, however, doesn't stretch the truth when making a point to the Hmong community in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, about the hazards of eating fish contaminated with methylmercury and polychlorinated biphenyls.
In January, headlines warned that salmon raised in ocean pens are so contaminated with cancer-causing industrial chemicals that they may not be safe to eat more than once a month.
The Saskatchewan farmer argues the chemical giant contaminated the environment and his crops through inadequate safeguards to prevent the spread of pollen and seed for its herbicide-resistant canola.
This results in the ability to detect and discard contaminated platelets while also eliminating the need for specialized training or capital equipment.
Chubb said the policy provides financial protection when the cost to clean up a Superfund site or other contaminated property exceeds the self-insured retention, which typically is 10% above estimated cleanup costs.
But not many heard what Hudson planned to do with the contaminated beef after the company got it back.
The cleanup order includes the demolition of a mercury-contaminated building, proper disposal of the resulting debris, excavation and disposal of contaminated soil, and other site cleanup activities.
94-38, the Service allowed a deduction for costs incurred to clean up land and to treat groundwater that a taxpayer contaminated with hazardous waste from its business, other than costs attributable to the construction of groundwater treatment facilities determined to be capital expenditures under Sec.