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  • verb

Synonyms for contaminate

Synonyms for contaminate

to make physically impure

to make morally impure

Synonyms for contaminate

make radioactive by adding radioactive material

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Leakage takes place, and the key is to be able to detect that leakage and any sulfide oxidation that results, and to deal with it before it contaminates the environment.
Because the same appears to be true of Canadians and Europeans, dioxin researchers are now coming to the conclusion that these industrial pollutants, along with furans and PCBs, contaminate the bodies of all individuals living in developed countries--and potentially in many lesser-developed countries as well.
USTs are generally stable for approximately 12 - 15 years before they begin to deteriorate and leak toxic chemicals into soil and groundwater supplies creating a contaminate area.
This scenario contaminates [approximately equal to] 7 million rooms and requires 17.
Frequently, immersion of hospitalized patients contaminates the tub environment, including the tub water, drains, agitators, floors, and walls.