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a print made by exposing a photosensitive surface to direct contact with a photographic negative

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Ting et al., "Organic light-emitting diodes with direct contact-printed red, green, blue, and white light-emitting layers," Applied Physics Letters, vol.
A contemporary of John Baldessari and Wallace Herman, Heinecken was perhaps best known for his appropriative photograms--works (seen at both galleries) such as the gelatin silver print series "Are You Rea," 1964-68, and the dye-bleach (or dye "destruction") print series "Recto/Verso," 1988-90--in which both faces of a given magazine leaf have been contact-printed onto the same side of a single page.
He made the finest examples of this Heliographic process, as he called it, in 1826, when he contact-printed an engraving of Cardinal d'Amboise, dissolved the soluble bitumen, and put the plate in an acid bath.
The main aim of the group was to exhibit "the best contemporary photography in the West" by its members and other photographers who practiced "pure photography." Pure photography was defined as photography which possesses "no qualities of technic, composition, or idea derivative of any other art form." Preferring the 8x10-view camera, these photographers contact-printed their large negatives on glossy paper, and also used filters and a variety of lenses to obtain their precise images.
For most of these, Saunders painted an image, based on an arresting stock photo of Nielsen, in oil and silver ink on a semitransparent Mylar sheet, and then contact-printed it onto photographic paper.