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Synonyms for sensitivity

Synonyms for sensitivity

the capacity for or an act of responding to a stimulus

the quality or condition of being emotionally and intuitively sensitive

Synonyms for sensitivity

the ability to respond to physical stimuli or to register small physical amounts or differences

sensitivity to emotional feelings (of self and others)

the ability to respond to affective changes in your interpersonal environment

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Interestingly, none of our patients experienced symptoms of contact sensitivity from their cosmetics or attributed melasma to use of cosmetics.
For example, topical neomycin has been shown to cause contact sensitivity in 5 to 15% of patients.
Contact sensitivity in vitro: activation of actively allergized lymphocytes by a beryllium complex.
The incidence of the condition is rising most likely because it is believed to be a dominantly inherited allergy "In a recent study of 30 children who patch tested positive to nickel, 24 of them also had a first-degree relative with nickel contact sensitivity," she said (Pediatr.
DiGiovanna, a dermatologist brought in to advise the FDA on the GlucoWatch, expressed concern that long-term use of the device might induce contact sensitivity and that chronic skin irritation might impair the glucose sensor's performance.