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a print made by exposing a photosensitive surface to direct contact with a photographic negative

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An unadorned contact print using an X-ray alone results in dark bones on a white background, and it lacks distinctiveness.
Their stamped or stenciled "cells" invoke both the Dreamachine's apertured cylinder and photographic film, a connection further specified in Gysin's contact print compositions of the '70s.
The bleached-out impression of a Twombly-esque surface, inscribed with cut marks and arced fragments, is registered in a light blue tint and then inverted by flipping the image and making a contact print with contrasting shades and color.
Oscar Gustav Rejlander and Henry Peach Robinson created convincing images by juxtaposing multiple negatives to make a single contact print. In contrast to the then widely held belief in photography as an accurate record of the truth, Robinson once asserted, "Any 'dodge,' trick, or conjuration of any kind is open to the photographer's use," further noting that "a great deal can be done by the mixture of the real and artificial." Perhaps the common ground between the spectacular world described by Hall and the scenes conjured by Rejlander and Robinson is a willingness to reinvent reality for rhetorical purposes.
For example, she got into the habit of ducking into a photo booth in a bar where she worked, and the resulting self-portraits became the basis of a number of projects: Sixteen of these images--red-filtered enlargements from a paper negative contact print based on a solarized silver-gelatin original--comprise Stauffenberg-Block, 1969, one of the earliest pieces on view here.
In photographs and contact prints from Battaglia's own archive, "Letizia Battaglia: Photography as a Life Choice" offers a comprehensive review of her work's civically engaged model for photography, typified by her iconic depictions of political protests and Mafia killings in her native Palermo in Sicily, taken while Battaglia was employed as photography director at the leftist daily newspaper L'Ora.
Daily, by mid-afternoon, the photographers would have rushed the film to the newspaper lab or to a commercial photo shop for developing and to print what's called 'contact prints' to guide editors on which frame to choose and how to crop the picture, if necessary.
With both portraits and contact prints on display, it will feature big names from the worlds of art, film and music, including Andy Warhol, Jane Birkin, Man Ray and Jean Shrimpton.
On top of and next to the image hung three thermographic contact prints on parchment, each of which was created by placing objects on top of the paper and then heating it all in an oven.
Khang, "Hydrophobically recovered and contact printed siloxane oligomers for general-purpose surface patterning," Langmuir, vol.
In an article about lantern slides, by the University of South Florida, it states that contact prints were made by placing a negative over a piece of light-sensitive lantern glass and then developing the image by exposure under controlled light.
The box had five sheets of contact prints - for a total of 45 photos with negatives - and a slip of paper that had "Gardner Island" written on it.
But no, they are contact prints of the hands of South African artists, enlarged to a monumental scale.
''Very soon after this I acquired a Johnson developing and printing outfit consisting of a film tank and a contact-printing frame, with which I could produce contact prints from my negatives using 'gaslight paper', a very slow material that allowed one to print in a shaded corner of a room.