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Synonyms for consummate

Synonyms for consummate

Synonyms for consummate

having or revealing supreme mastery or skill

perfect and complete in every respect


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Further, Orthodoxy certainly does not match Soulen's third category, "Structural Supersessionism," an allegedly pervasive "logic" whereby "the Hebrew Scriptures [are] largely indecisive for shaping Christian convictions about how God's works as Consummator and as Redeemer engage humankind in universal and enduring ways.
Kemal Ataturk was the consummator of the Armenian Genocide and responsible for the genocide of many other minorities in Turkey during his rule.
6) The scope of this essay will not do it justice, but at the heart of Soulen's proposal is a shift in the emphasis of Christian theology away from its historical emphasis on God's work as Redeemer, delivering humanity from sin and guilt on the cross, in favor of God's work as a Consummator, who works for the renewing and perfecting of creation in accordance with a plan that was in place from the very beginning.
Se consagra asi el indubio pro consummator o en caso de dudas se beneficia al consumidor y con ese principio, un conjunto de Normas para proteger a ese debil juridico llamado Consumidor o Usuario.
The church is wrongly described unless it is described as the church for that place, and the meaning of the preposition "for" is determined christologically; that is to say by what Jesus Christ has done, is doing and will do with and for the world as its author, redeemer and consummator.