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Synonyms for consummate

Synonyms for consummate

Synonyms for consummate

having or revealing supreme mastery or skill

perfect and complete in every respect


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13) We must ask that, if the Church is the goal of God's plan for human history, how may there exist another consummative and future expression of this plan?
For instance, the Maharashtran Vaishnavite poetess Janabai mentions her love for Vithal in a consummative tone:
Olodumare also gave women then another power, a complementary and consummative power, the indispensable power necessary to bring things to completion and fulfillment.
Rather than read, for example, the narrator as simply stopping his back-gazing blazoning of Leander's body as evidence of the narrator's refusal to champion consummation and sexual possessiveness, Bromley's evidence underscores how thoroughly Marlowe's poem teases (invigorates, even as it protests otherwise) with sodomitical texts and acts that repeatedly disrupt the consummative heteroerotic one.