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Synonyms for consummate

Synonyms for consummate

Synonyms for consummate

having or revealing supreme mastery or skill

perfect and complete in every respect


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CBBI asserts that, in light of the results of the May 28 meeting, Central Pacific is barred from consummating its offer to acquire CBBI.
Consummating horizontal mergers (two medical groups with the same clinical specialty) should offer more attractive cost reduction opportunities than forming conglomerates (several medical groups acquiring an upscale nursing home) because of the former's ability to implement enhanced clinical and managerial expertise across more closely akin operations, and the possibilities for postmerger integration of complementary or competing operations.
Consummating this transaction from CBRE were Scott Belfer, Mindy Lissner and Lou Belfer.
Michaels announced that his company is in the process of consummating over $2 billion of exclusive transactions on behalf of some of the most prominent real estate owners and operators throughout the country.
Wellspring International Inc., a provider of wireless, point-of-use utility submeters for all building types, announced it has released a 2.4 gigahertz ZigBee ready prototype design, consummating a development agreement with Ember Corporation to bring ZigBee technology to Wellspring's Aqura wireless submetering system.
"The vast majority of our clients remained very active during the summer months, consummating transactions, exclusive of the corporate mega deals, north of $1 billion."
Michael Stone, vice president in the New York City office of CBRE's retail services group, and senior vice presidents Carl Eriksen and James Frank of the company's New Jersey office, were responsible for consummating this transaction.
"It is a testament to the fortitude and vision of the Bitters and the creativity of Time Equities, the purchaser, that allowed for this win-win transaction", said Decio Baio, the consummating broker.
The prestige, amenities and location of 101 JFK Parkway were keys to consummating this lease transaction for the leading private banking corporation.
Jnsignia/ESG won this prestigious award for consummating a long-term net lease of the Legal Center located at One Riverfront Plaza in Newark, N.J.
In the office sector alone, the company was also the leading tenant representative consummating one million SF of leases, nearly three times its nearest competitor.
Doug Twyman, Jim Scanlon, and Doug Bansbach, principals of Newinark JGT, were responsible for consummating this lease transaction.