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Synonyms for consummate

Synonyms for consummate

Synonyms for consummate

having or revealing supreme mastery or skill

perfect and complete in every respect


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Anthony Leonard, manager of Consummate Care, said: "Dignity Action Day has really grown over the last few years.
Although it took over one year to consummate, Brian Ezratty, Vice Chairman, Eric Anton and Ronald Solarz, Senior Managing Directors of Eastern Consolidated successfully completed the sale of this parking garage representing the seller, Highgate Holdings and procuring the purchaser, ICON Parking.
In an exclusive right to sell or deal arrangement, the broker is entitled to a commission even if the buyer and seller or lessor and lessee consummate a deal between themselves, without the use of any broker.
This typically makes it harder for a prospect or principal to consummate a deal.
Tenants should be aware that under certain circumstances the failure to consummate a lease transaction may result in their liability for a brokerage commission that would have been paid by the landlord had the lease been signed.
However, the bank rejected the mortgage application and the tenant was unable to consummate the transaction.
Onyx's refusal to discuss making reasonable accommodation to allow CDC to conduct due diligence in connection with negotiating a merger agreement and pre-conditioning any such discussion on the following (1) reaching agreement on the form of merger agreement, (2) satisfying Onyx with respect to the financial ability of CDC to consummate the tender offer and (3) CDC committing to a timeline ending Tuesday evening on July 25, 2006 PST.
com), as well as difficulties, delays, unexpected costs or the Company's inability to consummate, in whole or in part, the proposed amendment to the credit agreement, including due to market conditions or other factors.
It is Unclear Whether CDC Has Available Cash or Sufficient Liquidity to Consummate the Offer.
3230 price per share that it will pay for National Patent's Five Star stock, (iii) after the expiration of the tender offer, FLJ will consummate a merger providing any non-tendering holders of the Company's shares with the same consideration as those who tendered, and (iv) upon consummation of the merger, FLJ would cause the Company to repay its $2.