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a loan that establishes consumer credit that is granted for personal use

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The bank's consumer loans comprise 71 percent of its total loans-one of the highest proportions of consumer loans as a percentage of its total loan portfolio among universal banks in the Philippines.
EastWest Bank sustained the growth of its consumer loans. Its auto, credit card and personal loans portfolio grew by 16 percent last year.
People often spend money on things they do not actually need, observers say.Many Slovaks take consumer loans before Christmas, even if they do not have to.
Baker Hill, a provider of technology solutions for common loan origination, has announced that CapStar Bank selected its NextGen(TM) Consumer Loan Origination for Direct Lending to streamline its entire consumer lending process and accommodate its growing loan portfolio, the company said.
Non-interest income, meanwhile, improved six percent due to a nine percent increase in fee generation income to P761.98 million due to consumer loan, deposit and other product-related fees.
The performance of EMEA consumer loan asset-backed securities (ABS) remained stable in the three-month period leading to October 2012, according to the latest indices published by Moody's Investors Service.
Some of this contraction can also be explained by higher-than-average defaults on mortgages, consumer loans, and credit cards, as the figure below shows.
The consumer loan market in Japan has been rapidly shrinking due to the full implementation of the toughened moneylending business law in June, according to data released by an industry body Friday.
Moody's outlook for consumer loan ABS in EMEA is negative (see the report "EMEA ABS & RMBS 2009 Review & 2010 Outlook", January 2010).
Property buyers preferred to take a consumer loan to pay part of the cost, since the money was released faster and the bank had no say in the choice of the property being bought, the consultancy said.
announced the offering of a $292 million commercial real estate and consumer loan portfolio.
Metavante Corporation, Milwaukee--the banking and payments technology subsidiary of Marshall & Ilsley Corporation, also based in Milwaukee--announced it has signed an agreement with AFC First Financial Corporation (AFC), Allentown, Pennsylvania, to provide a Web-based consumer loan origination solution for its residential heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) and energy-efficiency home-improvement loan programs.
The proposed basic consumer loan would give Sailors new options such as set interest rates at 30 percent APR and penalty-free partial payments.
EARLIER this year we chatted with the president of Acom, the consumer loan company that continues its inexorable march into the lives of everyday Japanese.
As the military's Navy Federal, the largest credit union in the country $7.5 billion in assets), virtually every type of consumer loan is available.
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