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The type, amount and service for which fees and/or commissions are collected must be clearly defined in the consumer credit contract.
There are rising apprehensions that the financial bases of small and independent consumer credit companies will have to suffer terribly in the event of banks inclination to limit tie-up loan schemes.
While the growth in consumer credit in November was impressive, it is difficult to tell if consumer credit will be able to grow at a similar rate going forward.
The largest Japanese financial group will sell the consumer credit and loan operations of its subsidiary Mitsubishi UFJ Nicos Co.
From April 2008, lenders will be required to provide borrowers with clearer, more regular information on the state of their credit accounts under the terms of the new Consumer Credit Act 2006.
Total outstanding, or unpaid, consumer credit has risen steadily to well over $1.
Financing the American Dream is an institutional history of the consumer credit industry, a social history of consumers, and a cultural history of debt.
subscribed to the two key notions that make up the myth [of lost economic virtue]: first, that before consumer credit people rarely went into debt and always lived within their means; and second, that consumer credit destabilized traditional moral values by making it easier for people to live lives devoted to instant gratification and consumer hedonism.
A 1994 survey by the National Foundation for Consumer Credit found that nearly 18 million U.
Representatives from Wilshire Consumer Credit visited the food bank on Wednesday, December 19th dressed in festive holiday headgear and met with food bank representatives for the hand off.
consumer credit grew for the fourth consecutive month in November to top $2.
You have an ad that says we can make anybody a homebuyer,'' said Richard Pittman, director of counseling and housing at Consumer Credit Counseling Service of Los Angeles, a nonprofit agency headquartered in Commerce, with 12 satellite offices from Long Beach to Palmdale.
I am pleased to appear on behalf of the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System to address issues related to consumer credit.
Consumer credit outstanding increased at a 3 percent annual rate and was up $6.
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