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  • verb

Synonyms for consume

Synonyms for consume

to take (food) into the body as nourishment

to eat completely or entirely

to be depleted


to use up foolishly or needlessly

to spend (money) excessively and usually foolishly

to do away with completely and destructively

to occupy the full attention of

Synonyms for consume

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Furthermore, those who consumed spirits were viewed less likely to relax, as only 20 percent claimed that gin, vodka and whiskey helped them calm down.
However, those who consumed at least three servings of low-fat dairy a day had a 34 percent greater chance of developing Parkinson's than people who consumed less than one serving per day.
We found that children who are consuming non-cow's milk like rice, almond and soy milk tended to be a little bit shorter than children who consumed cow's milk,' said Dr.
The couple had admitted that they consumed methamphetamine, heroin and codeine and confessed that they had sex outside marriage.
He said he consumed drugs in Ajman and not in Dubai.
People who consumed more than seven grams of sodium per day had a significantly higher chance of death than those who ate three to four grams per day.
He said she was drunk at the time and was not aware that she consumed hashish.
This research suggested that there are differences in the impact sugar drinking can have on body weight gain, depending on when in the day it is consumed.
A new survey of top wine drinkers contradicts industry assertions that most wine is consumed with food.
Women who maintained a normal body weight, engaged in 30 minutes of exercise per day, consumed a low-sodium diet, consumed alcohol in moderation, used non-narcotic analgesics infrequently, and consumed supplemental folic acid had an 80% lower risk of developing hypertension, compared to the rest of the subjects.
3 : to use up <consume electricity> <Our entire day was consumed searching for his glasses.
As much as I would like to blame the individuals for being junkie hedonists hell-bent on feel-good food consumed with reckless abandonment, it's not all their fault.
In 1990, only 11% of scrap tires was consumed by a market.
Compared with those who consumed raw carrots, those who consumed boiled carrots demonstrated an increase in the blood concentration level of beta-carotene.
Women who consumed the most calcium (more than 500 mg a day) from supplements had a 20 percent lower risk of diabetes than those who consumed the least (250 mg a day or less).