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  • verb

Synonyms for consume

Synonyms for consume

to take (food) into the body as nourishment

to eat completely or entirely

to be depleted


to use up foolishly or needlessly

to spend (money) excessively and usually foolishly

to do away with completely and destructively

to occupy the full attention of

Synonyms for consume

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Authority were likely to consume less water and energy.
How Much Should a Person Consume? also profiles three remarkable environmental thinkers--Lewis Mumford, Chandi Prasad Bhatt and Madhav Gadgil--and details a visionary map for the future.
It triggers a burst of photochemical reactions that mobilizes atmospheric mercury, speeding its fall into arctic lakes, where fish can consume it.
Some studies have shown that people who eat fish tend to consume less meat and cheese, and may tend toward eating other healthy foods like vegetables and brown rice.
Before an activity, any foods that athletes consume should satisfy their hunger and ready their bodies with fuel.
``However, ask anyone how much caffeine they consume and they'll find it hard to answer.
She also brings to light the frequent debates over who was entitled to consume such treats and in what venues, for sweets were a source of some controversy in the nineteenth century.
Dumont also stressed to attendees that high quality, clean shipments will be necessary for Boralex to maintain and grow its ability to consume processed demolition wood.
Some individuals are not sensitive to liquid calories and consume large quantities of caloric beverages without compensating their total energy intake.
While a hardware modem would not consume any CPU resources, a software modem would consume around 40 MHz from the host CPU.
However, the carrier may not entirely consume the fuel in the state in which purchased.
continues to consume about 60 percent of the planet's natural gas, 40 percent of its coal, and 30 percent of its petroleum.
But then, visitors have been known to ask, "Why do some people take communion twice?" after watching an Anglican priest and assistants carefully consume the consecrated elements remaining after the communion of the people.
Palestinians, on the other hand, consume only about 7.5 percent of its safe yield.