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Synonyms for consultation

Synonyms for consultation

an exchange of views in an attempt to reach a decision

Synonyms for consultation

a conference (usually with someone important)

a conference between two or more people to consider a particular question

the act of referring or consulting


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The role of a consultation-liaison psychiatrist is to see medical, surgical and emergency patients who may also have co-existing mental health problems, and vice versa.
In the short term the new unit will try to encourage the various departments in the hospital that deal with children to recognise and refer cases; and to establish a consultation-liaison relationship.
These techniques increasingly have been used by consultation-liaison child psychiatrists, psychologists, and child life specialists in inpatient and outpatient hospital settings.
Cervical cancer is a disease with particular relevance to the psychiatrist doing consultation-liaison work, whose role is that of a link between psychiatry and other disciplines.
The sections include theories of personality and development, cognitive disorders and consultation-liaison psychiatry, substance-related disorders, and law and ethics in psychiatry.
I agree with Charlotte Thompson's observation that there is a paucity of published nursing Literature about psychiatric/mental health consultation-liaison nurses in New Zealand (Assisting emergency nurses to offer the best care to those with mental health problems, Kai Tiaki Nursing New Zealand, September 2006, p12-13).
Consultation-liaison psychiatry, a subspecialty that deals with both patient and staff issues, has existed since the post-World War II era, when it became apparent that medical care must be provided to the whole patient, not just an internal organ.
A Descriptive Study of a Unique Multi-Ethnic Consultation-Liaison Psychiatry Service in Honolulu, Hawaii Russ S.
PERRY is a child and adolescent psychiatrist who has a private practice in New York City and also works in pediatric psychiatry consultation-liaison at Bellevue Hospital Center.
Chapters on emergency psychiatry, consultation-liaison psychiatry, child and adolescent psychiatry, pharmacotherapy, psychotherapy and psychosocial treatments, and electroconvulsive therapy are included.
Grossman-McKee was also an active duty United States Air Force psychologist and a consultation-liaison psychologist for several hospital systems.
Yelena Davydov, an expert in consultation-liaison psychiatry who sees thousands of hospital patients yearly and is affiliated with Lutheran Medical Center, New York.
The theory and practice of consultation-liaison psychiatry, or the psychiatric evaluation and treatment of patients from a medical and surgical setting, is discussed in the 29 chapters of this volume.
Shaw is the medical director of the hospital's psychiatric consultation-liaison program and first author of the research, published in the January/February issue of the journal Psychosomatics.
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