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a custom or usage that has acquired the force of law

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The poem establishes a narrative that casts the appellant as a person who has gone against the habitus of the greater society while following the consuetude of a "conpaignie" constructed from appetite.
Green and Ron Shachar, "Habit Formation and Political Behaviour: Evidence of Consuetude in Voter Turnout," British Journal of Political Science 30, no.
The Torobo soul element, which is considered life itself, resides in oltau giving rise to the belief "the heart exists for the soul." (18) The Torobo word enkishui serves in consuetude as 'life' and 'soul.' However, Torobo speak of the heart as synonymous with life or soul, Etii enkishui oltau, meaning, "Life is the heart." The status of oltau as life giver can be understood in reference to storing the sheer breath or energy of life, "Etii enkiyanget atua oltau olotungani," meaning, "Breath or spirit is in the heart of a person." (19) Oltau is the organ which causes the act of breathing, still further it is considered that which breathes life.
500: "Baptizandi ritum ostendit qui in usu veterum fuit, de quo consuetude quedam mutavit nam turn adulti fere regenerationis lavacro tingebantur, cottidie externis e paganismo ad nostram religionem confluentibus.