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become united in substance

unite in one common substance

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Such metaphors were subliminal, productive, consubstantiating, and ideologically potent.
In contrast to the approximate connection language enables Maddy to achieve with her father (and other black men), words expose and effect the consubstantiating authority of "black woman love" almost immediately after Maddy begins caring for Pip.
In moving from profane to sacred, the wine goes not from one to the other but from one in the other, consubstantiating in such a way that Sack becomes both body and spirit--and yet more than both.
Houston Baker characterizes the asexual and consubstantiating life of the blues when he analogizes the medium to a "streamlined athlete's awesomely dazzling explosions of prowess." As he explains: "The blues song erupts, creating a veritable playful festival of meaning." What we are left with, he concludes, "is not a filled subject, but an anonymous (nameless) voice.
The Azibo Nosology plainly situates itself in African personality theory normalcy via interpretability only in deviation from or distortion of the correct orientation construct which is explicitly based in consubstantiating "Spirit." Thus, it is unassailably tied to ADP intergenerationally, as in vertical self-extension, and communally, as in horizontal self-extension.