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become united in substance

unite in one common substance

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In the same time span, similar initiatives emerged in Europe and North America, consubstantiated in the so-called critical social work and radical social work, with which a beneficial dialogue is established.
By means of this profile change, it is demonstrated, therefore, that property passes from the individual sphere of absolute use to the environmental social function, which corresponds to the use of it according to the interest of the collectivity, including the use and not Abuse of good by the owner, consubstantiated in the protection of the indispensable environmental goods, considering the preservation of the common good of all (environment).
To conclude, it is worth remembering the purposes of this study that sought to comprehend, based on a survey of the production of three major Brazilian universities, how the research on DE in the field of Teacher Training was consubstantiated. The results we presented indicate a constant presence of the theme in the researches, but reveal a directing of focus to other particularities of formation other than the teacher, his or her practice and career.
Two types of "marriage" is going on here, in the Soviet psyche: one in which Stalin stands as the antithesis of Hitler (and thus Communism of Nazism); the other, more "historically" orientated, between Stalin and Lenin; one carefully orchestrated by the Kremlin, in which the Father of the Revolution and the Saviour of the Revolution are consubstantiated. It paved the way for a large scale industry in the manufacture of Stalin monuments throughout the Soviet sphere, including the largest of all such monuments, unveiled in Prague in 1955 and measuring 15.5 metres high: locally referred to as "Stalin and the Bread Line." At the time it was the largest group statue in Europe.