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an abstractionist artistic movement in Russia after World War I

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Notably, Tim Portlock's apocalyptic photograph Sunrise--the extended constructivists re-render, 2013; Szymon Tomsia's photographs (from the series "Peregrination," 2012), infused with signs of drugs, violence, and tattoo mythology; and Kahlil Joseph's mesmerizing music video Until the Quiet Comes, 2012, renounce narrative and hover between dream and tragedy, riffing on impotence and self-determination--putting us in our place, which we are then forced to assess.
Social constructivism has also had a great impact on translation teaching and Kiraly's book called A Social Constructivist Approach to Translator Education; Empowerment from Theory to Practice (Kiraly, 2000) has been cited as an important step in that 'it introduces useful theories to conceptualise how the focus of translation teaching needs to be shifted from being teacher-centred or learner-centred to learning-centred' (Malena, 2003, p.
Therefore, with climate change, constructivists commit errors of commission and ecological rationalists commit errors of omission.
Leslie Martin was also closely allied with the constructivists, having co-edited the landmark publication, Circle--International Survey of Constructive Art, with Ben Nicholson and Naum Gabo in 1937.
While the level of dialogue in the classroom was high and rigorous, these teachers were not what we could call social constructivists (something we thought they might be).
As knowledge remains a process rather than an output, the constructivists prefer processes to structures in explaining their worlds.
The authors present the constructivist resume, an original approach developed to promote professional identity development and career adaptability (i.
To this end, the works of the Constructivist artist Karl Ioganson, little known in the west, are utilized as the means of getting at the theoretical issues involved in the formation of Constructivism.
Gough begins what may be the more provocative of the two books with a thorough examination of the debates of the Working Group of Constructivists over the difference between a "composition" and a "construction.
Constructivists encourage student-centred learning (SCL) as a learning application to help students nurture and develop their learning using inner experiences and supports from social surroundings.
Unlike some constructivists, Bogard is not one who sees others as having socially constructed realities while she knows what really happened.
In fact, the major paradigms regarding learning are still with us, and arguments and contradictory positions have appeared around defenders and detractors of these different approaches--behaviourists versus cognitivists, cognitivists versus constructivists, behaviourists versus constructivists, and so forth.
They are, of course, unwitting constructivists, and despite their distaste for exceptionalists, they would be well-educated by Mintz's discussion of Schindler's List, which summarizes and explains the positions of those critics that dislike the movie, and then does the same thing for those that praised it.
For those things that have been seen before, the power and radicalism of the Moscow Constructivists represented by an array of graphics, architectural models and painting still contrives to take your breath away.
The fact that social constructivists can object to "rationality" while using the Internet and flitting to conferences hither and yon boggles the mind.