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the quality of serving to build or improve

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This requires from us enormous amounts of determination, patience, tolerance and constructiveness,'' added he.
Obviously the individual's competence and constructiveness affects the quality of this virtue.
That is, constructiveness and destructiveness have the same source in human personality.
But what happens is that one rebel sabotages one candidate, another sabotages a second candidate and in the process the party as a whole gets sabotaged," she said, adding: " Our motto should be unity and constructiveness.
A possible way to combine the effectiveness of external monitoring with the constructiveness of attitude change would be develop a non-confrontational mode of monitoring, one that moved away from the adversarial stance of American law without losing its institutional advantages.
The paper comments that for the first time, a press conference followed the meeting, which caused tension with Greek representative Vassilakis who wished to impose the Greek draft memorandum as an expression of constructiveness.
Summary: TEHRAN (FNA)- Iranian Ambassador to Moscow Mahmoud Reza Sajjadi announced Tehran's readiness to attend talks with the Group 5+1 (the five permanent UN Security Council members plus Germany), and said the country is hopeful about the constructiveness of the upcoming negotiations.
Minister Poposki underlined the Macedonian constructiveness in the process, expressing both his hope and his expectation that the other party in the talks would also approach the process employing good will and preparedness to make a significant step forward in finally finding a mutually acceptable solution to the dispute.
If constructiveness and moderation represent the cornerstone of this new direction, its inauguration should start within the home soil of the Gulf, in reform that would go beyond skyscrapers and advanced infrastructure.
Destructiveness mainly manifests in extreme speech, exclusivity and trouble making, while constructiveness mainly in the awareness of Chinese social power for the political participation, which stimulates the formation of Chinese netizen society, and at the same time constantly express, shape and aggregate the national and ethnic identification for the Chinese (Wang, 2006).
To underscore this instruction, an elemental subplot of the film is the building of the Stalin-Allee, where the constructiveness of mutual aid and community service results in genuine personal fulfillment for Agnes as and is contrasted against the destructive forces of ego-driven wrangling, moral hypocrisy and compromise as depicted in the theater world of West Berlin.
Localization in the global arena means the Islamic perspective will contribute, once more, its great values of constructiveness, benevolence and justice to international relations.
The spirit of constructiveness and pragmatism advocated by the UN Secretary General is the basis of the autonomy initiative under the Kingdom's territorial integrity and sovereignty, presented by Morocco in 2007 as a compromised solution open to negotiation.
The outbreak of BSE had just such potential: "it made the contingency and historical constructiveness of a discourse visible, creating a lack of meaning and allowing a new or re-construction of a certain discourse" (Howarth and Stravrakakis 2000:4).
Suncica Stojanovska from Nova Makedonija agrees that the relevant political structures should have information about the progress of the name negotiations but on the other hand they must show constructiveness instead of sitting and watching Gruevski.