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a worker skilled in building offices or dwellings etc

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The government should ensure healthcare center, workplace safety, housing, working environment, pension scheme and rationing, minimum wage and study environment for their kids, said Mizanur Rahman Bablu, a construction worker.
Since January, nine construction workers have been killed in accidents at job sites in New York City, according to data from the Department of Buildings (DOB).
3] Higher rates of workplace injuries are reported among the illiterate and inexperienced construction workers in Ahmedabad, India.
The results showed that work-experience is the most significant factor that influences the wages of India's construction workers whereas general education (years of schooling) is insignificant unlike other industries (where general education plays a crucial role in increasing the wage-rates).
For attribution about a construction worker exposed to a variety of construction products please refer to the June 3rd, 2015 news article about a UK construction worker with mesothelioma titled "Years of asbestos exposure.
Msheireb Properties, the developer of the worldaACAOs first sustainable urban regeneration project, demonstrated its support for Qatar National Sports Day by hosting a programme of sports and activities for all its employees, family members and construction workers working for Msheireb.
The fatal accident also resulted in two construction workers being critically injured.
The scheme will also pay compensation to the estate of a construction worker whose name was on the records but who has since died - all that is needed is a match between the name and the details held.
As dated most of the studies on the construction workers has been tended to focus on the respiratory system.
Some construction workers were standing near the 3-metre tall wall, when some concrete stones overhead fell down.
A CONSTRUCTION worker has died after falling from the roof of the Arena da Amazonia stadium which will host England's first game in the World Cup in the Brazilian jungle city of Manaus.
Above, one construction worker is venting the exhaust from a concrete saw operated by another construction worker in a tented enclosure, which enables winter construction work to progress.
Summary: A construction worker was critically injured after he fell from scaffolding at a construction site in Zahle, the National News Agency reported Monday.
Summary: A construction worker in south west China has been rescued after being suspended in mid-air for an hour.
Researchers from the Center for Construction Research and Training estimated that over a 45-year career, a construction worker has a 75 percent likelihood of being disabled by an injury.
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