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paper suitable for drawing and making cutouts

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The tape will be a hinge allowing them to lift the photograph on and off the construction paper several times.
Remembrance day hand wreath You will need: | Glue | Scissors, | Red paint or construction paper Method: There are two ways to do this craft.
Using the water from the dissolved vitamin B complex cup, paint a drawing on the first sheet of construction paper.
construction paper, cut into 8 x 8" (20 x 20 cm) squares, any objects that can be used to suggest incongruity
Equipment: Food Guide Pyramid, construction paper, markers, paper
scissors, a ruler, a pencil or pen, a penny (or any round object about that size), a quarter (or any round object about that size), a juice glass (or any round object about that size), three pieces of construction paper (different colors), three pieces of yarn (two that are 12 inches long and one that is 18 inches long), glue, and a wire clothes hanger
Construction paper * Lightweight cardboard * Glue DIRECTIONS: 1.
Camp people love construction paper and puff paint, lanyard, and scrap books.
The Iroquois Falls mill has annual production of 246,000 metric tons of newsprint and 46,000 metric tons of specialty papers, including colored newsprint, construction paper, and non-printing grades.
Fold the construction paper in half to create the shape of a greeting card.
Every wall was covered with various colors of construction paper with a ``window'' that looked out onto a meadow on one side; messages of welcome and Shakespearean notations were written above the tables groaning with homemade food.
Let's create a cut-paper collage portrait out of colorful construction paper using simple bold shapes.
Toting sheets of construction paper decorated with snapshots of his products, Robert Jackson headed out to his very first trade show to display his wares.
In a few days, these two-by-fours will be draped with sheets and decorated with construction paper leaves, colorful paper chains, and signs boasting school spirit.
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