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Synonyms for construct

Synonyms for construct

to create by forming, combining, or altering materials

to make or form (a structure)

Synonyms for construct

put together out of artificial or natural components or parts

draw with suitable instruments and under specified conditions

create by linking linguistic units

create by organizing and linking ideas, arguments, or concepts

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En effet, les zones constructibles ont ete surdimensionnees, tant par volonte de limiter la pression sur les prix du sol que sous l'effet de l'action des lobbies de proprietaires et de promoteurs immobiliers.
Business Center - HCE sends the 3D constructible model to the Trimble Connect repository for storage, security and version control so general contractors, construction contractors and engineers can collaboratively engage in the delivery of a project.
Optimizing processes between engineered models and constructible models are key for construction project success," said Roz Buick, vice president and general manager of Trimble's Heavy Civil Construction Division.
To ease the management of the massive amounts of constructible building information needed for contemporary structures, Tekla Structures 20 also offers several improved tools:
Selon le ministre du Logement, Moustafa Kamal Madbouli, qui a presente ce projet a des investisseurs potentiels presents a Charm El-Cheikh, le terrain constructible du projet est [beaucoup moins que] 12 fois plus grand que Manhattan, trois fois plus grand que Washington [beaucoup plus grand que].
The longest word constructible from the solid elements is PHoSPHoMoNoEsTeRaSeS, a term from biochemistry referring to a kind of enzyme.
REX chose CH2M HILL's OmniSight Platform to find a constructible route, and to serve as the data clearinghouse for all field data from biological, cultural and land consultants.
Users can create accurate, constructible models with photo-realistic 3D images, leading to iconic structures to boost Qatar's standing on the world stage in 2022," he added.
He asserted that inadequately informed municipal officials carried out incorrect calculations and measurements for the constructible areas of his plots, green spaces, roads and parking spaces, resulting in the entire controversy.
This project would not have been constructible without the use of self-consolidating concrete.
Collect, build, smix and match the first-ever LEGO(r) constructible collectibles.
There is also a need for closer collaboration with the structural discipline in developing design solutions that are both practicable and constructible.
The software enables the creation and management of accurately detailed, highly constructible 3D structural models, regardless of material or structural complexity.
Le programme immobilier au sein de Casa Finance City s'etale sur une superficie constructible de 70.
Lin International is an internationally recognized, multi-disciplined full-service infrastructure engineering firm committed to providing innovative, cost-effective, constructible designs to clients around the globe.