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Synonyms for construct

Synonyms for construct

to create by forming, combining, or altering materials

to make or form (a structure)

Synonyms for construct

put together out of artificial or natural components or parts

draw with suitable instruments and under specified conditions

create by linking linguistic units

create by organizing and linking ideas, arguments, or concepts

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Although some are statistically significant, all of the correlations between social goals and achievement goal orientations are low enough to warrant the conclusion that the constructs are separate, in contrast to the claims of some previous researchers.
Because CYP1A1 monooxygenase activity depends on AhR activation, we used the CYP1A1 promoter/enhancer region to design an AhR-responsive reporter construct.
To examine directly the possible role of GR in the effects described above, we used a luciferase construct under the control of two tandem GRE elements from the rat TAT gene.
Three years ago, a group of scientistsfrom the German Democractic Republic Academy of Sciences in Berlin used sugar bet slices and an oxygen electrode to construct a tyrosinesensing electrode.
It is suggested that the basic building blocks of the constructs for a change-based experiential learning opportunity include the dispersed work domain, the concept of self-organized teams working on a real problem or issue, the construct of a network for a specific problem and the need to develop knowledge.
Thus, constructs such as narrative, action, joint action, context, and interpretation become the principal aspects in framing people's understanding of themselves and the world in which they exist (Collin & Young, 1986, 1992; Peavy, 1993, 1996, 1997; Peterson & Gonzalez, 2000; Polkinghorne, 1990, 1992; Savickas, 1993, 1995a, 1997, 2000; Young & Valach, 2000; Young et al.
Three of the constructs discussed here were compulsory (Demands; Liking Demands; Interest: Content) and two constructs with the corresponding Liking dimensions were optional: The teachers could choose which two optional constructs they wanted to use (one teacher chose only one additional construct, some teachers chose constructs which are not discussed here).
Saxonburg Area Authority: $686,000 loan to replace approximately 13,500 feet of ten-inch steel transmission line with 16-inch DIP; construct a 100,000 gallon raw water storage tank an booster pump station; construct a 669,400 gallon finished water storage tank and remove three check valves.
The work on its detail engineering designing was underway and after completion, the tender will be publicized to construct this dam in four years.
Egypt's Ministry of Housing and Urban Communities announced plans to construct 175,000 new housing units in 25 Egyptian governorates over the coming fiscal year, as part of the social housing plan to construct a million new units in areas of high population density.
The researchers state that in a future scenario, cartilage constructs could be clinically applied by using an MRI scan of a body part, such as the knee, as a blueprint for creating a matching construct.
A construct (or construction) is, as the name indicates, something that is constructed rather than an observed event.
Since multiple items were collected per construct, scale scores were created using a mean of the items for estimation of each construct.
Through factor analysis, previous research has indicated that a single latent construct accounts for the majority of the variance in students' night-sky watching attitudes, interests, and self-reported behaviors (Kelly, 2003; Kelly & Kelly, 2003).
Most residential buildings in the city are constructed from reinforced concrete because it is quick to construct and lends itself well to designs where there is a lot of repetition of floors, Agribay said.