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Synonyms for construct

Synonyms for construct

to create by forming, combining, or altering materials

to make or form (a structure)

Synonyms for construct

put together out of artificial or natural components or parts

draw with suitable instruments and under specified conditions

create by linking linguistic units

create by organizing and linking ideas, arguments, or concepts

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These bridges and underpass will be constructed under Annual Development Program.
He said many dams and reservoirs could be constructed in Northern areas.
The clinical field is the "focus of convenience" of personal construct psychology, the area in which it was originally developed and has been most extensively applied.
The Ministry further plans to construct 57,800 units in the Daqahleya governorate and to renovate 5,800, bringing the governorate's total number of new housing units to 63,600.
In an earlier announcement, Bayraktar had pointed to some major challenges that delayed efforts to construct safe outposts in Turkey's eastern and southeastern regions, including minefields, the harsh climate and terrorism.
A contract has been signed to construct a bridge linking Arbaeen Street with the Rawabi district and repair Quwaiza intersection.
Because of the multi-dimensional nature of constructs, their measurement is more complicated than other straightforward variables.
In its various incarnations mind is the major construct in psychology.
After a review of the literature, a conceptual model was constructed to study antecedents and outcomes related to levels of trust in academic groups or teams.
One limitation of existing research on noctcaelador is the lack of evidence to substantiate the existence of the construct. In the absence of a theory for the construct, perhaps one method to assist in its substantiation is to empirically evaluate the convergence of measures used in previous studies.
The creators of this type of constructed construct usually know a lot about themselves.
Most importantly, the building struck by the Cirrus SR20 single engine plane carrying baseball player, Cory Lidle, and a flight instructor, was constructed from reinforced concrete--steel rods cocooned in concrete--a material that has remarkable staying power during a fire.
The polypeptide encoded by the nucleic acid molecule, a DNA construct linking the isolated nucleic acid molecule with a promoter, the DNA construct incorporated in an expression system, a host cell, a plant, or a plant seed are also disclosed.
Unlike engineers who develop and construct electrical circuits or bridges, for example, genetic engineers initially didn't craft plans, design models, and then build DNA structures to accomplish precise goals.
Brott, 2001), constructivist applications to co-construct, de-construct, and construct the client's life story are presented.