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any of various large nonvenomous snakes that kill their prey by crushing it in its coils

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Although boa constrictors are a species related to sand boas, they are in a different subfamily, called Boinae, along with anacondas.
A boa constrictor might be the weirdest thing they've found so far.
Bizarre rescues have included an American Eagle trapped in a tree and the foot boa constrictor, which could "strangle a child", on the loose.
It is unknown if the boa constrictor survived the ordeal or if the porcupine was escaped or killed.
A Cuban Boa constrictor is on the loose in County Durham.
In recent weeks, a boa constrictor snake was abandoned by its previous owner, and left on the dad-of-four's doorstep.
Ian Willey, 43, thought at first it was a branch when son Calum, 12, noticed the dead snake, believed to be a second boa constrictor, near a children's play area.
A boa constrictor or Burmese python are, however, not recommended.
Within six seconds of looping around an anesthetized lab rat, a boa constrictor squeezes enough to halve blood pressure in a rear-leg artery.
The boa constrictor, which was christened Wilton by staff at the owl centre, has been taken into the care of ecologist David Pollard, from Arnside, South Cumbria.
Los Boidos no son venenosos, pero si son peligrosos por la cantidad de dientes que poseen, la microbiota bucal y por su habito constrictor [4].
In November, a live, 2 1/2-foot-long rainbow boa constrictor was found on a sidewalk in Honolulu's Chinatown.
lain Lowson, 63, was caught short in woods when he glanced down to find the lethal boa constrictor, thought to have been abandoned just hours before.
Poucos trabalhos empregaram a tomografia computadorizada na avaliacao de serpentes (7), e nao foi encontrada referencia desta com relacao ao figado, portanto o presente estudo visou descrever a imagem ultrassonografica e tomografica do figado de jiboias (Boa constrictor amarali).
5m boa constrictor, is staking his claim as Australia's youngest wildlife ranger.
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