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(of circumstances) tending to constrict freedom

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restricting the scope or freedom of action

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Chylous ascites and chylopleura caused by constrictive pericarditis are unusual clinical conditions.
Right auricular and ventricular pressure patterns in constrictive pericarditis.
Constrictive pericarditis: etiology and cause-specific survival after pericardiectomy.
All these findings, along with the pathological changes of both left and right ventricular diastolic filling after inspiration led to the hypothesis of constrictive pericarditis (Figure 2b).
Cardiac tamponade and constrictive pericarditis are more commonly associated with specific underlying aetiologies, particularly TB and purulent pericarditis.
When the pericardium becomes thickened or fibrosed, it becomes less compliant and prevents adequate diastolic filling of the ventricles, a condition known as constrictive pericarditis (CP).
The attention to detail that led to an 82-page menu of nutritional demands in Australia springs from the same mindset that has led to a constrictive, timid approach in their batting, when freedom is the key.
October is a straightforward depiction of the multifarious elements in Mercia's constrained and constrictive life.
2) Constrictive shoe wear has been shown to be a risk factor for hallux valgus (see Anatomy and Extrinsic Risk Factors below).
The naval siege of Gaza, however, has remained constrictive, exports are banned, and imports of raw and construction materials are restricted.
As weeks turn into months, Conrad feels himself trapped in a life that's constrictive and incomprehensible, and he fears that his growing rage will have irreparable consequences.
It is often caused by wearing constrictive shoes or repetitive straining of the foot with strenuous activity.
Echocardiogram showed features of constrictive pericarditis with heavily thickened pericardium, which was confirmed by cardiac computed tomography (CT ).
Schifferle's argument that students were not unduly burdened and stifled by overly constrictive adherence to these solutions is more much persuasive then Muth's.