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Synonyms for constricting

(of circumstances) tending to constrict freedom

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The adult population frequently reports erotic or autoerotic goals when intentionally placing constricting devices [7].
Incarceration or strangulation of the penis by constricting devices, such as metal rings, is rare with only 60 reported cases in the literature.
I often see the impression of a constricting band over the dorsum of the foot; upon examining the shoes I always find an irregularity of the vamp that produces steady pressure.
He conjectures that the condition could stem from cocaine's constricting effect on blood vessels, which hikes blood pressure.
Spokeswoman Ellen Tolley said that large events in that vein can knock off large purchases, further constricting the economy.
This prosthesis, not constricting but liberating, that bears a title--Sans titre (Aloge de la paresse n[degrees] 1) (Untitled [In praise of laziness no.
In Oporto, the site was less constricting than at Santiago de Compostela, so the building was able to have a more relaxed and almost Classical layout.
The successful prosecution of this case has made a significant impact on constricting the supply of counterfeit Symantec software available in North America.
Ordinarily, blood vessels respond to cold conditions by constricting to keep blood away from the cooling effect.
The hours are too long, the role is too constricting,'' he said.
The silicon housing displays excellent thermal conduction characteristics for efficient heat dissipation, maintaining a cooler environment for consistent performance of optoelectronic devices in ever constricting enclosures.
Right after each exposure, the researchers simulated a heart attack in the dogs by constricting a surgically implanted balloon that temporarily shut off a coronary artery.
But more to the point, they should revisit the need for such a constricting law at all.
A major constricting factor on county operations is the self-imposed property tax cap, limiting the tax levy to 1.
To get the water higher, the fireman can either turn the pump up faster, similar to increasing the heart rate, or put his or her finger over the end of the hose to get more pressure, similar to constricting the blood vessels.