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especially tense

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drawn together or squeezed physically or by extension psychologically

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Eric was born with severe Persistent Pulmonary Hypertension of the newborn (PPHN), a life-threatening disorder in which the newborneIUs arteries to the lungs remain constricted after delivery, limiting the amount of blood flow to the lungs and therefore the amount of oxygen into the bloodstream.
Also, if you had low pressure in your sprinkler line -- because of too many heads on the line or old, constricted galvanized pipes -- it would no longer matter.
Ku of the University of Alabama in Birmingham reported experiments showing that constituents of some garlic tablets could relax constricted blood vessels,just what is needed to alleviate pulmonary hypertension (http://www.
In these projected objects, which come across like a horde of oversize and grotesquely distorted talking heads, Oursler has finally achieved a level of visibility rivaling that of his colleagues, and this in turn has initiated the second, "professional" phase of his career that unfolds, all too predictably, as a series of minute variations on a theme that is enormously constricted from the outset.
It is exactly the kind of project that shows what the architectural profession can do in the most difficult of circumstances, a very constricted site with no possibility of horizontal views or daylighting.
It allows for stent insertion in order to maintain patency of a constricted tracheobronchial tree.
This model, The Role Constriction Theory, suggests that selection procedures, training, job stress, and expectations cause police officers' lives to become overly constricted and, therefore, potentially dangerous as their options to change or get help become limited.
Although the conceptual trappings might suggest constricted performances, lang has never sounded so stylistically liberated, and her singing on Roy Orbison's "Till the Heart Caves In" and Jane Siberry's "H'Aint It Funny" is particularly breathtaking.
Reinsurers facing tremendous pressure to reduce their aggregate and diversify their writings, which has rapidly constricted capacity in key zones and lines of business
For example, when reporting rules constricted donors and politicians, they figured out a way around the system through independent expenditures, which the report shows accounts for most of the spending in city races.
As carbon monoxide replaces oxygen in the blood, it may push people with constricted blood flow to the heart into a heart attack.
In each place, the generic had to be adapted to specificities of site, nowhere more so than at Pontedeume, where the site was very constricted, an old stone wall and a walnut tree had to be preserved, and floods from the nearby river had to be taken into account.
6) This state of "learned helplessness" is characterized by constricted thinking and an inability to see even the most obvious solutions.
Both disguise the fact that all 300 styles are designed for constricted suburban lots and constructed of budget-conscious mass-market materials.
But the boundaries have constricted, and now even ``Merry Christmas'' is, in some circles, politically incorrect.