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Synonyms for constrict

Synonyms for constrict

to make smaller or narrower

to reduce in size, as by drawing together

to subject to compression

to check the freedom and spontaneity of

Synonyms for constrict

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It can constrict, tighten and narrow the airway considerably causing real health consequences for asthmatics.
The smooth muscle in your airway serves no known positive purpose, but in asthma patients it can constrict, tighten, and narrow the airway considerably.
During Bronchial Thermoplasty(tm), an outpatient bronchoscopic procedure, physicians will use the Alair(R) System to go into the airways with a flexible bronchoscope through the nose or the mouth and deliver thermal energy to the airway walls in an effort to reduce the presence of airway smooth muscle, and thereby reduce the ability of treated airways to constrict.
We're not going to constrict kids from going out (on trips); we're just going to manage it more properly,'' said Jim Kalember, the board's vice president.
Unlike migraine drugs that constrict blood vessels, BIBN 4096 BS doesn't seem to affect blood vessels in the heart or elsewhere outside the brain, says Paul L.
This small protein, produced in healthy lungs, ordinarily prompts blood vessels to constrict to maintain proper blood pressure.
Using an infrared video camera to film the eyes of both groups of children underwater, the investigators found that Moken kids constrict their pupils while European children don't.
Over-the-counter nasal sprays constrict the blood vessels in your nose, which provides an immediate passage for air.
Stress causes the body to release 17 different hormones, which makes digestion stop and blood vessels constrict.
In laboratory animals, a magnet can act like a switch to either open or constrict tiny blood vessels, researchers report.
Vessels need to widen and constrict to keep up with the constantly changing demands of the body.
In fact, says Levine, measurements of vein size and capability to constrict blood vessels may predict which people are most likely to develop orthostatic intolerance after a space flight.
As the brain's blood vessels constrict and then dilate, it produces an intensely painful headache usually, but not always, on one side of the head.
High concentrations of ET-1 can constrict blood vessels, a condition that can contribute to heart disease.
Consistent, low doses of caffeine - one to two cups of coffee daily, for example - constrict blood vessels in the head.