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according to the constitution

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Francine was constitutionally impenetrable to reproof of this sort; her thick skin was not even tickled.
She was constitutionally subject to asthma, and, having warnings of the return of the malady, she was
I venture to say, from twenty years' experience of him, that there is no man in this assembly who is constitutionally more incapable of crime and more incapable of cruelty than the man who stands at the Bar.
The sarcastic tone of this reply might have provoked a rather acrimonious retort from Miss Squeers, who, besides being of a constitutionally vicious temper--aggravated, just now, by travel and recent jolting--was somewhat irritated by old recollections and the failure of her own designs upon Mr Browdie; and the acrimonious retort might have led to a great many other retorts, which might have led to Heaven knows what, if the subject of conversation had not been, at that precise moment, accidentally changed by Mr Squeers himself
When all these petty folks cease to ask for it insurrectionally,-- which to my mind is the synonym of constitutionally,--the government will build it.
The conversation, becoming lively as the penultimate entree was reached, had turned naturally on the affair of the theatre and the constitutionally sworn rector.
In particular, the one-stage procedure adopted is constitutionally impermissible.
Yesterday in the speech of the President, he mentioned that he is asking for the help of Congress to eliminate possible constitutionally objectionable features of the measure but without specifying which one.
Summary: Iraqi President Fuad Masoum gave up his British passport Sunday and became the first top Iraqi official to take the constitutionally mandated step.
Department of Electronics and Information Technology has initiated Technology Development for Indian Languages (TDIL) Programme with the objective of making available the software tools for information processing in 22 constitutionally recognized Indian languages.
The bench was hearing a constitutional plea moved by chairman Pakistan Tehrik i Insaaf Imran Khan over elections of 28 members of assemblies who were elected in the absence of constitutionally mandated ECP after adoption of 18th Amendment.
WILLIAM HAGUE admitted yesterday it was "legally and constitutionally proper" for the Scottish government to free the Lockerbie bomber.
Skinfold thicknesses and bioimpedance analysis (whole body limbs) were evaluated in three groups of underweight patients (30 patients with anorexia nervosa, 10 constitutionally lean individuals and 15 classical dancers) and 30 normal weight controls.
Metis fishermen staged a protest to state that their constitutionally protected right to fish shouldn't be restricted, reports Fort McMurray Today.