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an expanded molecular formula showing the arrangement of atoms within the molecule

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Arguing that democratization is an ongoing process, fundamental to human social evolution, rather than a fixed constitutional formula, and calling for a new compromise between capital and labor that emphasizes the importance of solidarity and reconstructs an internationalism that does not divide and conquer neighboring regions, The Liberal Virus is actually a razor-keen warning of how wrong-headed intervention can be as poisonous as imperialism once was.
and Iraqi officials said yesterday that they believed the constitutional formula would be acceptable to Grand Ayatollah Ali Sistani, the Shiite religious leader whose opposition could undermine the nascent order.
NNA - Finance Minister, Ali Hassan Khalil, categorically underlined the paramount importance of endorsing the national budget, saying "budget endorsement is not an option but rather one of the major challenges to regularize our finance." Minister Khalil's words came during a dinner banquet held by "Economy" website, marking its fourth anniversary, whereby he disclosed that they have fetched a legal constitutional formula which allows the endorsement of a budget.
"It's about time to admit that the constitutional formula that we have been living under for more than 90 years has failed to bring Lebanese together," he said a few days ago.
The Minister asserted that in order to address the problems of this Accord, the pending articles must be brought into application and a domestic political settlement must be reached, within a viable constitutional formula. "Such a settlement would pave the way for a democratic dialogue," he concluded.
Summary: Kataeb Party leader Sami Gemayel expressed his frustration at the current constitutional formula Sunday, and called for the transformation of Lebanon into a federal state.
He stressed in his interview with the Voice of Lebanon (93.3) radio that "the election of the President of the Republic is not just a technicality related to securing quorum, but to the respect of the constitutional formula for the first time since the Taif agreement."
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