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  • verb

Synonyms for constitute

Synonyms for constitute

to be the constituent parts of

to be equivalent or tantamount

to put in force or cause to be by legal authority

to bring into existence formally

Synonyms for constitute

create and charge with a task or function

to compose or represent:"This wall forms the background of the stage setting"

set up or lay the groundwork for

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The smallest Constituter has a footprint of just 18" x 27", roughly the size of a 55-gallon drum.
Built in to each Constituter is a proprietary device developed by Superior Formulations LLC that monitors the dip.
A probe assembly that allows the Constituter to continuously monitor the dip tank's fluid level and the dip's solids percentage is mounted to the side of the dip tank.
During normal operation, the Constituter continuously monitors its performance.
The hydration process is said to be easily and automatically performed by the company's patent-pending Constituter unit.