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brought about or set up or accepted


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According to a PM House statement, the Prime Minister has constituted the Ministry of Energy, with two constituent Divisions namely Power Division and Petroleum Division.
Chief Food Inspector Malik Mohammad Ashfaq Bhutta will lead the teams constituted for urban area of Multan.
A: A family home is deemed constituted on a house and lot from the time it is occupied as a family residence.
5%) belonged to the age group 26-50 years, which constituted the majority followed by 20 cases (29.
The share of foreign capital in banks' total paid-in capital constituted 76.
In Erickson Post, because there was an unconditional obligation to repay at the time of the agreement, the Tax Court held that the amounts Amoco advanced constituted a loan.
4) The earlier ruling had concluded that differential payments made to employees on temporary duty (such as training) with the National Guard constituted "wages" for payroll tax purposes, because the employment relationship was not disturbed during this time.
The contractor argued that the liquidated damages provision should not be enforced because, among other things, (1) the liquidated damages constituted an improper penalty and (2) the owner's rights to claim such damages had been waived by virtue of the certifications of the contractor's requisitions for payment by the owner's architect in the period subsequent to the contract-mandated period.
of [that] colonial and patriarchal domination" whereby "'India' is simultaneously constituted and effaced as object" (24).
A multilayered article having a first portion constituted of three resin layers and a second portion extending from a first portion has been patented.
However, the Court proceeded to find that the length of the detention of the bag, standing alone, constituted a Fourth Amendment violation in the absence of probable cause.
Confrontation with the West constituted the dominant pattern of conflict in the Middle East throughout the Ottoman stage.
A group of former renters brought a civil suit alleging that two of Trinity's rental practices violated statutes governing residential leases and constituted unfair business practices.
The district court's reasoning for this ruling was as follows: Although public investors who read and relied on 10-K filings and a company's annual reports likely constituted a large group whose members were not individually designated in advance, nevertheless they represented an identifiable group for whose benefit and guidance the firm either intended to supply the information or knew that SRC intended to supply it.