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have difficult or incomplete or infrequent evacuation of the bowels

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If left untreated, a constipated cat can become obstipated--completely unable to defecate," Dr.
So many of us go through life with fears of the past or apprehensions of the future; ending up living emotionally constipated lives.
ST) announced on Thursday that its product, Lactobacillus reuteri Protectis, is effective in constipated adults.
Others included a Rhondda woman who called paramedics when she became constipated after eating cherries and a man who found a fly stuck in his ear.
She plans on staying too, so Louisa now has two emotionally constipated adults to deal with.
There a lot more constipated people than you think; most of them living with it and suffering silently.
It was another desperate attempt to bypass the constipated banking system that remains a major obstacle to economic recovery, or at least to be seen to do so.
It is therefore likely that other strains would also be useful for bowel preparation in constipated patients scheduled for colonoscopy.
The subjects were diagnosed as constipated on the basis of Rome III criteria for functional constipation and their dietary habits and physical activity were also assessed.
I would like to bring to the notice of the traffic directorate the following constipated problem of traffic which we face in Gudaibiya.
Danisco has launched OsmoAid, its own brand of lactitol, which is a disaccharide sugar alcohol that has been shown to promote gut mobility in constipated individuals.
Frowning, pursing lips, looking constipated and simultaneously highly moralistic is great fun.
This'll keep you reading for many visits to the shitter, unless you're terribly constipated, in which case I suggest drinking water and eating fruit, or try coffee and cigarettes.
It is especially important to have plenty of water if you're constipated because fluids will help to keep things moving