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Synonyms for constellate

scatter or intersperse like dots or studs


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form a constellation or cluster

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Because the baby might feel desperate and fearful that she won't be taken care of and will die, an archetype might constellate negatively (into an autonomous complex) the polarities of which might have the qualities of the avoidant mother and the needy child.
DARBOVEN CONSTELLATES her pursuits around historical figures--artists, philosophers, writers, Meistersinger--but the things that came to populate her work are the stuff of ein Volk.
My key argument is that the particular Passion narrative selected by Gibson interpolates its audience so as to constellate a militarized, masculinized form of Christianity that presumes, indeed depends upon, the socially authorized suffering of obedient (read "soldierly") sons.
A certain number of women constellate around him while a collection of aspirants poke their heads through the crowd in such fervent hope of getting some attention that it looks like some kind of undignified game of Whack-A-Mole.
The boundary that is traversed in the natural occurrence of reproduction is struggle and ambiguity, which constellate the ground of our being and our relations with others.
Though initially appearing as a bizarre non sequitur, the film's black-and-white images constellate sex with death and a loss of corporeal integrity, an apt objective correlative for the much-feared miscegenation that threatened to transform the purity and wholeness of the collective white Southern body into a pile of mixed, anonymous racial fractions.
Contemporary information's capacity for global circulation--its ability to constellate and engage multiple new communities of interpretation, as well as of production and reception--is perhaps the most crucial and dramatic result of its digitization.
Such judgments will be shown to constellate around cognitive exploration based on factors that are key conditions of objective knowledge, and of the unity of the self (4).
I understand this quite literally for the artists included seem to constellate around Spiderwoman Theatre in New York (Miguel, Borst, Mohica, Turtle Gals); the Centre for Indigenous Theatre, founded by Favel (Toronto); and Native Earth Performing Arts (Toronto), with which a number of the playwrights have been associated (Moses, Highway, Taylor, Nolan, Mohica, Dandurand).
Indisposing hurry, how you'd constellate, how you'd discombobulate;
These chapters signal her interest in spatial tropes and concepts: the Introduction is titled 'Crossing Borders: From Private Dialogue to Public Debate' while Gray's 'Conclusions' are pivoted on 'Scattering and Gathering in Katharine Evans and Sarah Cheevers' The last chapter accomplishes the signal feat of introducing fresh material--a travel narrative of two Quaker women--to constellate the book's critical arguments, producing a feeling of simultaneous arrival and departure.
As bits of consciousnesses constellate, I rouse to a 3 A.
Poems, novels, sagas, myths, histories: they constellate a new associational universe that transforms him, conjuring a new critical subjectivity; he "felt odd making a contestatory statement about his world; til now it had never occurred to him he had one" (45).
This article is both excursus and exemplum of the Benjaminian method in that it seeks to constellate the work of the Chartist poet, Gerald Massey, with that of Benjamin himself.
30) The practices and symbols of writing and reading (like those of activism) constellate in the novel, yet remain seen by most of the protagonists as pastimes best left behind.