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an alloy of copper and nickel with high electrical resistance and a low temperature coefficient


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It should be noted that for the used strain gauges made of constantan the coefficient of resistance changes as a function of temperature [alpha] = 0.00002 [1/[degrees]C].
As sondas foram construidas com 1 cm de comprimento, utilizando-se de termopares de cobre-"constantan" de 0,5 mm de diametro, inseridos em agulhas de 1,0 mm, preenchidas com resina para fixacao.
While many types of resistive metal foils are available for the construction of flexible heaters, the most common types are cupronickel, constantan (very similar to cupro-nickel), Inconcl and aluminum.
The strain gages featured include precision, transducer quality, karma, constantan, encapsulated, and custom strain gages.
In an effort to develop a Standard Reference Material (SRM[TM]) for Seebeck coefficient, we have conducted a round-robin measurement survey of two candidate materials--undoped [Bi.sub.2] [Te.sub.3] and Constantan (55 % Cu and 45 % Ni alloy).
The principle of the cutting temperature measurement is the thermocouple of constantan wire and work material.
Encapsulated for added durability, the measuring grid is formed by etching constantan foil, which is then completely sealed in a carrier medium composed of polyimide film.
The KFG gauges' measuring grid is formed by etching Constantan foil and then completely sealing it in a polyimide film.
These include Cu, Ni, Au, Ag, Al, Cr, Si, Mo, W, Ni/Cr, Ta, Pt, Pd, Ti/Al, Ti/W, and Constantan.
Fast-response type T microthermocouples (copper/ constantan; i.d., 0.6 mm; isolated with polytetrafluorethyl; RS Components GmbH) and a 263A Data Bucket data logger (Fluke Cooperation) were used.
It has two cell designs: the standard model 550 Nickel/Chromium and the ISI Constantan. The latter is said to be almost twice as sensitive as comparable cells on the market.