constant quantity

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a quantity that does not vary

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The emission performance of the target acceleration control shows predominance to the constant quantity control.
Experiments include the comparison between different starting control strategies (target acceleration control and constant quantity control) and the comparison between different starting acceleration processes (different slope factor of the acceleration curve).
The tears of the world need not be a constant quantity.
Hahn's objection to metapreferences, if I read him correctly, is that human nature is pretty much a constant quantity so whatever we would wish to become does not influence what we do in fact choose.
What was needed was a battery that could be relied on to deliver a constant quantity of current over a reasonably long time.
The idea of a constant quantity of money is plausible.
Given the high reserve required against checking accounts and the likelihood that the ratio of coins and currency to checking deposits would remain constant (with each medium of exchange used for certain types of transactions) as income changed, a constant quantity of such money is plausible.
Legacy will capitalize on Renew's expertise in the Bio-Diesel industry and TDF's ability to collect and deliver waste cooking oil and trap grease with constant quantity, quality and price through its RWA Resource Recovery program.
A constant quantity of outside air is used the year around.
Time is a constant quantity of motion that we use to measure all other motions.
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