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relating to or characteristic of conspiracy or conspirators


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In a brief, one-line statement, Mr Farage said: "This is conspiratorial nonsense."
The continuous launch of ballistic missiles on the Kingdom reaffirms how the Houthi militants are carrying on with their hostile and criminal approach targeting the Kingdom's security and stability as part of "conspiratorial schemes against the Kingdom, and citizens and residents on its soil," said OICD Secretary General Dr.
// Shura Council denounces coup militias conspiratorial plots non-stop implementation in Yemen.
Qatar's conspiratorial policies that interfered in the internal affairs of Bahrain, in addition to other Arab countries, is a part of the country's hostile policies that it has been practising for the past 20 years, wrote Bahrain's Akhbar Al Khaleej .
Kilabi , according to the website of the popular mobilization, said that "there are too big planned conspiratorial to find a distinction between the Iraqi people during the Battle of Mosul, indicating that some Arab and Western newspapers began to put the oil on the fire, as occurred in the battle of Fallujah and the areas that liberated from the terrorist Daesh gangs" .
Yemen's president said in a speech transmitted by the Yemeni News Agency that the Iranian sectarian project has no place among free Yemenis, the struggle of heroes Yemenis, in the past two years, was a major setback to that conspiratorial and subversive project, which targets the entire region.
They said, the people of occupied Kashmir, stand against these conspiratorial plots of RSS-backed PDP-BJP regime.
To be published by Titan Comics, the Torchwood comic series finds Captain Jack back in Cardiff seeking help from Welsh police officer Gwen Cooper to combat "a dark technology from a forgotten species which has been claimed by a conspiratorial power".
The Paranormal and the Paranoid: Conspiratorial Science Fiction Television.
In this book, author Aaron John Gulyas presents readers with an examination of the wide-ranging various types of narratives based on conspiratorial or paranoid thinking.
His conspiratorial mindset also leads him to say that "climate change experts were content to keep quiet" about increased ice floes in Antarctica.
Thirdly, Erdoy-an's conspiratorial mindset puts him in survival mode in which he believes he is subjected to constant conspiracies from international actors.
Presented with speculation that stiffer regulation of tyre pressure was responsible for their performance, Wolff said: "That's not on the conspiratorial side - it's on the paranoid side.
The report is no more than a conspiratorial document that does not deserve even a passing note as it was cooked up by a US individual organization which is unknown to the international community in a bid to gain its political clout.