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They are sloping hills and their conspicuousness seems principally to arise from the lowness of the neighbouring lands.
He has a pocket welder with a long, spiraling power cord that loops across his belly with almost the same degree of conspicuousness.
Conspicuousness of product use as well as products that rely heavily on image lend themselves most readily to self-concept moderations.
The conspicuousness in the procession of gold and jewels, the spoils of the Spanish empire in the New World, invites spectators to broaden their conception of Louis's dominion--that is, the potential sphere of French colonial activity--from the risky terrain of Canada to other parts of the Americas.
Survival costs in squamate reptiles are thought to arise primarily from risk of death associated with a reproductive event; for example, a gravid female may be more susceptible to capture by a predator because of reduced mobility or increased conspicuousness while carrying eggs or young (Shine 1980).
While other local governments also depend on property taxes, school revenue is more prominent because of the salience of education funding, the conspicuousness of school buildings, and the presence of education tax-raising referenda in local elections.
Thanks to the author's bold appropriation of the genre's resources, in fact, Pin has been feeding a dark flame/game of concealment by conspicuousness at such a site: whatever inner rituals have thrown in, outer control disposes of by no disposal at all in this case, for it is the addressee who, if reading unfolds as planned, is eliminated instead: he overlooks the incident in an act of unfocused browsing.
Although the self-consciousness, vulnerable conspicuousness, and painful sense of representing the dominant race doesn't become less acute, I generally manage to experience this inversion of my usual position of race privilege as salutary.
That [Lily's] disappearance into obscurity should seem so little remarked', he observes, `is difficult to reconcile with the conspicuousness of her preceding triumphs.
At the end of the first chapter, dialogue from the next scene intrudes unexpectedly into a conversation des Cigales is having at a cafe: the effect strikingly resembles that of sound track and image overlapping (its conspicuousness is fully justified; it is at this moment that Jacques enters the scene).
Because conspicuousness of a choice increases perceived social risk, defined as the risk that a choice will not meet with the approval of others, classification schemes other than public versus private goods may also be used in identifying types of choices or purchases that are subject to greater influence from others.
In their study of the effectiveness of different advertising appeals, Johar and Sirgy[24] pointed out that the effectiveness of value-expressive as opposed to utilitarian appeals is a function of such product-related factors as product differentiation, life cycle, scarcity, conspicuousness, and consumer-related factors, such as involvement, prior knowledge, and self-monitoring.
This technique can more than double the conspicuousness of a dim smudge, often spelling the difference between seeing it or not.
The conspicuousness in his day of a figure such as the dance-music composer Philippe Musard is underlined by a plethora of quadrille adaptations he made of Auber melodies.