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Cherished are, above all, "dear old things" (HHP 17), and the appreciation is due to their sentimental value-a value that totally disregards their exchange value or conspicuousness and depends entirely on the objects' close connection with human biographies.
This conspicuousness in turn often depends on perceptible uniqueness (57-8).
Also, the head-up orientation of gravid females hovering in the water column may have increased the conspicuousness of their white abdomens to courting males.
Additional research examining the relative conspicuousness of the Relume Signal Eyes device among individuals with low vision who have a range of acuity levels and eye diseases as well as elderly visually impaired individuals is warranted.
The conspicuousness of the film's Freudian themes (perhaps most glaring in Frank's statement that 'baby wants to fuck') has been noted by Shattuc, who observes that '[a]ny attempt at a serious psychoanalytic study of a film so ironic in its use of sexual excess falls into a classic postmodern trap.
The color patterns in a particular population represent a balance between selection for crypsis by predators and selection for conspicuousness by sexual selection" (Endler, 1983: 176).
Nevertheless, the sheer conspicuousness of the Cecils' display helps to explain the bitter contemporary complaints that late-Elizabethan England had become a regnum Cecilianum.
The mob teaches them that conspicuousness is a weakness in the drug business.
Our years of experience using this technology to better illuminate commercial vehicles carrying everything from oversize loads to school buses transporting children can now be deployed to increase the visibility and conspicuousness of MARTA buses while delivering a powerful and memorable advertising promotional campaign helping to increase the recognition and recall of the RE/MAX message.
In the armed forces, we do not have to adopt either of these methods because conspicuousness comes naturally to us by virtue of our uniforms and insignia on the one hand and, on the other, by the training that prompts all personnel to turn to those of higher rank for guidance.
Los Angeles Plays Itself argues against Hollywood fictions, but by the conspicuousness of the form that the film takes, and by the actual historical impact of Hollywood fictions to which it attests, it nonetheless proves the continued political importance of the archives of Hollywood fantasy to understanding and expressing content for the sake of reimagining our present and future.
84) Financial exigencies and ideological debates were other contingencies that changed the care (and historical visibility) of the insane; changing demographic circumstances such as the death of a caregiver also altered care and conspicuousness.
From an environmental point of view, dedicated daytime running light is an effective solution to improve visibility and conspicuousness of vehicles.
In fact, as Farmer shows, the conspicuousness of the landform is a relatively recent phenomenon.
This dramatic increase in the conspicuousness of tumor-infested tissue has now been applied successfully to the evaluation of patients with cancers of the uterus, (29) head and neck, (25) kidney, (30) breast, (31) and liver; (32) we can confidently expect to see its use further enhance our ability to understand the extent and severity of other cancers.